Hearts divided: Fans were torn between Kansas teams


Black and Gold mixed in with purple Friday evening. Wichita State played Cal Poly in the Scotttrade Center Arena in the second round of the NCAA tournament.

Fans cannot hide their Shocker pride. Or Jayhawk. Or Wildcat.

Coming from the state of Kansas, home to the founding state in which basketball was created, some say it was destined that the state would generate some of the top college basketball programs ever created.

Kicking off the second and third round of the NCAA tournament, some fans found it difficult to choose their favorite team to root for following the CBS Selection Sunday show on March 16. Fans learned during the show that the Kansas Jayhawks, Kansas State Wildcats and Wichita State Shockers would head to Saint Louis, Mo. in an attempt to bring home the national title.

For some Shocker fans, it was an easy decision for their hearts to make as they continued to show support and spirit for their favorite team.

Dedicated Shocker and Jayhawk fans Lois Roberts and Rita Brethowr decided to show support between their beloved teams by wearing their favorite Kansas team’s apparel during that team’s game and switching between contests.

“Whoever was going to play first, that’s the outfit we wore and then we took shirts, stickers and everything in a sack,” Roberts said. “In between games, we went to the restroom and we just changed.”

Decked out with the coordinating colors from their favorite teams starting at their fingernails to their T-shirts, the best friends came to every game prepared with a game plan to show their love and support.

While Roberts and Brethowr showed Shocker and Jayhawk support in St. Louis, it was easy for the pair to show their support for both squads on an equal level.

“As long as I have loyal to KU, I just knew that they weren’t playing each other so I knew I could support each one,” Brethowr said. “I never wanted to see them matchup.”

Despite the losses that the Shockers and Jayhawks took on Sunday, Roberts and Brethowr agreed that they cheered equally for their Kansas teams.

“We were as loud for Wichita State, I promise you, as we were for KU,” Roberts said.