‘Homaid’ food served at Society of Cosplayers Maid Café


Allison Campbell

Society of Cosplayers members prepare for their Maid Café event, serving pancakes, ice cream and stir fry.

Anime characters, a variety of maids and first-time cosplayers were just some of the costumed characters in attendance at Maid Cafe, the Society of Cosplayer’s first major event. More than a dozen members were dressed in elaborate Japanese-styled maid outfits as they served homemade curry, stir fry, pancakes and ice cream parfaits to WSU students and guests. 

While there were a few hiccups, including a late start and a table shortage, SOC President Anthony Vu and his volunteers were able to successfully serve almost 100 guests during the three and a half hour event, hosted on April 8 in the RSC.

After a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Society of Cosplayers is eager and ready to leave its mark, not just on campus, but on the cosplaying community. The event was heavily advertised and a huge success, as the group exceeded its expected attendance by more than 40 within the first half hour. 

“When COVID happened, we weren’t able to do any events that we were planning on doing,” Vu said. “So suddenly we’re able to do so much. This year, we’re taking off and we’re running with it.”

While several attendees were upset regarding the late start, the promise and wonderful smell of homemade curry and stir fry quickly put their angry stomachs to rest. President Vu himself was making rounds, introducing himself and the organization and apologizing to each and every table. 

Once underway, the service was fast and the maids were incredibly kind and courteous. Not only did the club hire professional photographers, but they also made adorable gift bags that contained handwritten thank you cards, flower arrangements and other goodies.

Maid Cafe was the first of many events that the club plans to host on campus. The 24+ member organization will soon be traveling to Kansas City to participate in Naka-Kon, a three-day anime convention, where they will compete in cosplay competitions. However the main goal, according to Vu, is to grow the cosplay community in Wichita and create support between communities.

“Seeing all the hard work that goes behind the scenes and… all the different groups and communities coming together and supporting one another, I’m very thankful for it,” Vu said.