REVIEW: Minions: Rise of Gru gives background to the evil Gru we know

Get those business suits pressed and ready because the minions are back for another movie. 

Adding onto the “Despicable Me” franchise, “Minions: Rise of Gru”  tells the story of a young Gru and how he became a villain. 

Set in 1976, the movie gives off feelings of nostalgia for older generations while keeping it entertaining for the younger ones. 

I have been a fan of the “Despicable Me” franchise since the first movie was released in 2010, so I was excited to see that the movie was being released.

The wait for this movie was worth it because it’s still as hilarious as the other movies were before and waiting for the movie to be released in theaters was worth the wait as well. 

The movie focused more on Gru trying to fit in with a group of villains than on the minions themselves despite the title of the movie. I understand that this is the backstory for Gru himself but the movie could’ve focused a little bit more on the minions. Especially since the minions are a huge part of how Gru came to be. 

There were some references made in the movie that many older generations would get as opposed to the younger generations. 

One of the references made in the movie was “Tupperware Parties” which were hosted by Tupperware Consultants to show off the product line at their house. In the movie, Gru’s mom was seen hosting one of these parties at her home. 

Unless someone has a parent or guardian that sells Tupperware and hosts one of these “Tupperware Parties,” some kids may not understand what those are. 

Overall, the movie was very entertaining and fitting for all ages to enjoy, especially those who lived during that time period. I think this movie would be an excellent way for the older generations to reminisce on those times.