Valentine’s Day for singles

Life can be lonely for those of us who find ourselves without a significant other around this time of year. It can be hard to see all the happy couples and not feel a tiny bit of jealousy or bitterness.

Rather than give in to those negative emotions, here are some positive, quick ideas for singles looking to celebrate themselves this Valentine’s Day.

Treat yourself

Who says you need another person to have a great date? You’re the only company you need, and this is the perfect night to go out and do something for yourself.

Go dancing, see a movie, or maybe wine and dine yourself at a nice restaurant.

If you don’t feel like going out, stay home and relax. Drink a glass of wine in a bubble bath, learn a new recipe and reward yourself with it. Order some take-out and watch Netflix in your favorite pair of sweatpants — whatever you want. Have some “me-time.” You deserve it as much as anyone in a relationship.    

Hang out with other singles

You might not have someone to call your own right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to be alone.

There are bound to be other people around you who are single, and if you’re feeling miserable, some company might be good for you. A cheesy singles party might not be your thing, but why should the happy couples be the only ones who get to spend quality time with others on this holiday?

Take a chance and meet someone

This might seem counterproductive to the point of this article, but even singles can get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day, if they keep an open mind and heart.

What better day than to find someone you’re interested in than on Valentine’s Day? As reported on page three, the International Student Union is hosting speed dating in the RSC. Why not start there?