Impressive semester comes to an end

I honestly cannot fathom that this is the final week of the semester.

It feels like it started about an hour ago. I remember getting a giddy feeling on the first day of classes because I was finally able to hold the 2013 Flint Hills Media Project magazine in my hands and read of all the articles and see the work my classmates and I did during the summer.

About a second later, it was already time for mid-terms. One of my classes came to an end and another began. Before I knew it, the fall break had passed and it was Halloween.

November went by in a blink. Besides writing a book, I stayed busy with classes and my jobs as a newspaper reporter and copy editor.

Suddenly, it’s the final week of the semester and there are only four days left, counting today. The Sunflower publishes its final three newspapers this week before we take a break until the spring.

Where did the semester go? Seriously, it feels like it should still be summer for some reason.

I think part of the reason this semester seemed to go by so fast for me is because I stayed busy. Besides classes, I’ve worked for this newspaper and a professional newspaper in Butler County. That job required me to write at least three stories a week, which included the time-consuming process of interviewing and transcribing quotes before the story is written.

All in all, this has been a good semester. Yes, it’s been stressful, but it’s also been worthwhile. Despite the stresses of the semester, I think it’s the one I had the most fun in, due in part to my working exclusively journalism jobs, instead of cleaning things up at the YMCA.

Fellow students, enjoy this final week of classes, no matter how much stress they cause you and how much you’re looking forward to that long break. The break will be here before you know it and we can all finally relax.

Until then, enjoy the end of the semester. Here’s hoping the spring semester is just as fulfilling.