OPINION: WSU Dining Services needs to promote the Dine On Campus app


The entrance of the Shocker Dining Hall on Sept. 12. Recently, Wichita State introduced a Shockers dining app / Jacinda Hall

When you go to any college campus dining hall, you expect to see the usual – hamburgers, chicken tenders, french fries and pizza.

For students that don’t eat meat, like me, this can be frustrating.

Students who want to request alternative meal options can go to dineoncampus.com.

Upon finding this information out, I don’t understand why more people aren’t informed about this option.

In addition to the website, Dine On Campus has an app.

The app shows the menus for all the restaurants on campus.

The dining hall also has posters telling students you can talk to Dining Services about having the staff make food to fit your dietary needs.

I do like that Dining Services tell students that they can have their needs accommodated, but Dining Services should also let students know about the Dine On Campus app so that they can see the menu for themselves.

Until a friend told me about the app, I had no clue it existed. Had I known it at the start of semester, I would have taken advantage of it and looked at the menu before going into the dining hall and coming out with just a cookie or ice cream.