OPINION: Physcial DVDs are superior to digital watching

In the past decade, a new advancement has emerged in viewing media: the replacement of cable TV with streaming services, while DVDs are still around. Of course having used both, I will say they are useful and fantastic forms of watching media. However, one question I ask myself is, which is a better form of modern viewing media?

From years of sitting and watching both mediums, I consider myself an expert of watching media, whether it is physical or digital. With this self-proclaimed expertise, I say DVDs are superior, although I still couldn’t go without the pros of streaming services. The convenience of streaming services is a luxury. It seems almost any film and show is on a streaming service with a couple of clicks to watch. It is a major benefit for anyone who wants to watch something new because they’ll be able to watch it immediately.

However, not all of what you want to watch is up for grabs since not everyone has every streaming service. For instance, I may want to watch “Open Season,” but it is not on any streaming service besides Netflix, and it is only on Netflix every once in a while. Or, I may want to watch “Only Murders in the Building,” but it’s only on Hulu and I don’t have a Hulu subscription.

That is where I feel DVDs have the best advantage and are the better medium. Anyone can buy about anything physical if they cannot find it on a streaming service or if it is on a streaming service they do not have.

Although, there are some movies and shows which are streaming only, such as “Stranger Things” on Netflix. This is a sort of a con for consumers with a physical preference. In fact, I feel that all shows and movies made exclusively for streaming should have a DVD counterpart for these customers.

We have moved into a more digital age where Internet viewing/streaming has become the norm and it seems physical media is being left behind. But, as long as there is an audience for it — myself included — it will never really die.