REVIEW: ‘Halloween Ends’… for now


Photo courtesy of Blumhouse

Halloween is nearing the corner and the nights are becoming colder. Everyone is purchasing candy and costumes. Some are tuning in to the classic “Halloween” movies, starring Michael Myers.

Filmmaker John Carpenter introduced the world to Michael Myers or “The Shape” for the first time in 1978. We have followed the serial killer and his long time survivor, Laurie Strode, portrayed by Jamie Lee Curtis.

This spooky season, director David Gordon Green released the new “Halloween Ends” film, marking 13 total films following Michael Myers.

The film shifts focus from the typical Myers versus Strode battle. The story presented gives limelight to Laurie’s granddaughter, Allyson (Andi Matichak) and a new character Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell).

After a tragic accident, Corey is left traumatized and bullied by the town of Haddonfield, Illinois. His life takes a drastic spiral that introduces him to Allyson. Allyson, also going through an emotional rollercoaster, then pursues an adventurous relationship with him.

During the movie’s almost two hours, the audience watches multiple gorey deaths, amazing filming and insane plot twists.

The movie’s kill count was 14 with a questionable 15th kill. We see characters we’ve grown to love in addition to new characters meet their end in the film.

Each death was more gore-filled than the last. One including a new “masterpiece” by Myers and another person’s tongue cut off.

The film transitioned creatively from one thing to another with scenes and sounds: the sound of Laurie putting a gun down, the audio transitioned to another scene where the sound mixed with Allyson’s car door closing.

As previously mentioned in the last film, Laurie believes that with every kill, Myers grows in power. This makes him harder of an antagonist to defeat.

Viewers see this visually confirmed in a way after Myers kills for the first time in years. He stands up taller, shakes his body and experiences refreshment. The reignites excitement in slasher film’s fans, and from here, we know the movie will escalate.

We see the horror icon pass his torch to a younger generation’s new scarer and this sparks new questions and answers old ones.

Corey is the perfect new antagonist to follow given his trauma built with the town similar in the way Myers’ was. We see the two fight like siblings and see how Corey’s personality mixes with the evil.

Although the franchise is certainly at a hiatus following “Halloween Ends,” there will likely be a reboot in the years to come. It is possible it follows our newest antagonist, since we don’t know what the town did with him, and I hope we see it.

We also saw more humor from Laurie, in addition to the hate she is experiencing from the town after the events of “Halloween Kills” from 2021.

The drama, lore and scares are perfect for the Halloween season. It’s a great tradition to start with friends of annual binge watches of old and new films with every fall flavored snack imaginable.