REVIEW: “Rocky Horror Picture Show” returns to the stage for another year


Photo courtesy of Crown Uptown

A yearly classic for the Crown Uptown theater, “Rocky Horror Picture Show” takes the stage for another year. 

Wichita State’s very own Dalton Devoe and Clair Kennard, both juniors majoring in music theater, took on leading roles in this year’s production. They became Brad and Janet, the seemingly perfect newly engaged couple, who stumble upon some odd people.

The setup in Crown Uptown helped the crowd interactive script come to life. Between the “Time Warp” and following Frank N’ Furter’s instructions, the audience became a part of the performance.

A Wichita celebrity in the theater business, Steve Hitchcock Jr., has played Frank N’ Furter not only for Crown Uptown, but for other productions as well. Andrew Walker is no stranger to the stage lights, reprising his role as Rocky Horror in this year’s show.

The experience of seeing the show live is incredible. While the movie starring Tim Curry is a classic, it does not do justice to the crowd interaction and spur of the moment dialogue. 

The Crown is a dinner theater with a full bar. Before every show, dinner is offered while food and drinks continue to be served through the performance.

Participation bags are sold at the beginning of the show with interactive props to use as the story progresses. Though the items aren’t crucial to the experience, watching people throw sponges on stage was funny enough for me.

The real stars of the show were the emcees, Sheldon Mba and Jenni Warren. Their constant shouting out of replies to everything happening on stage made the whole experience that much more fun.

Between constant laughing and secondhand embarrassment, “Rocky Horror” is a classic everyone should see on stage at least once. Crown Uptown and the actors did an amazing job taking on characters that we all know but probably don’t love.