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Letter to the Editor: Student Government corruption impacts you

Vishnu Avva discusses his experience with the current Student Government Association.
Mia Hennen
Vishnu Avva, member of Model UN, speaks to the Student Senate on Aug. 23.

After the Student Government elections this year, I applied to join the Okere Administration as Legislative and Policy Director. I had previously interned for Governor Laura Kelly, a state Representative, a State Senator, and a campaign in Washington DC lined up for the summer. 

To say I was experienced was beyond true. After weeks of waiting with no response, I would find out that President Okere appointed another individual to this position. While understanding that the position was open and not guaranteed to me, it appears they were promised to other individuals. 

Six Okere appointees did not apply for their position but were still appointed/confirmed. Further, many actual applicants, including myself, did not receive basic interviews for these positions. 

The SGA constitution requires the President to make appointments based on the applications received and interviews conducted. How can we believe that the President made the best choices or didn’t already promise these positions to people if she refused to interview everyone? But what does this mean for you, the student?

It is unmistakable that students are being served by individuals who are not the most qualified for their positions. Students in need will suffer this year because of this blatant cronyism. Further, these corrupt nominees will cost the student body approximately $60,000 in wages, plus thousands more in discretionary spending. 

The Student Senate and Student Fees Committee debated and rejected funding increases to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and The Sunflower. Money that funds student programming and wage increases for student employees. Instead, your hard-earned money is now funding friends in high places.

It’s evident that SGA deserves further scrutinization by the student body. Wichita State should have a president who wants the best for the student body and has a solid plan to implement. 

People who take a good look at our current SGA would be embarrassed by its current state. I genuinely believe that SGA could be a trusted organization that people want to be a part of. I want it to be a place where if someone had a problem, they’d go to their senator because they know their issue will be addressed. 

If the current SGA can look within itself and hold its leaders accountable for their transgressions, I know it could be something everyone can be proud of.

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Mia Hennen
Mia Hennen, Editor in Chief
Mia Hennen is the current editor in chief for The Sunflower. Before becoming editor, Hennen was the news/managing editor. They are a junior at Wichita State majoring in English and minoring in communications and Spanish, hoping to pursue any career involving writing or editing.

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