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Sports Around the World: Plethora of sports available to students

Cameryn Davis

As the most diverse university in Kansas, Wichita State is considered home to thousands of students, each with unique racial, cultural and ethnic upbringings. For international and immigrant students, these differences can make it difficult or intimidating to relate with peers of different nationalities, according to the Clay Center for Young Health Minds

Many international and immigrant students find comfort and connection by participating in WSU’s sports teams and clubs. From Argentina to Australia, students of different ethnicities are offered a taste of what different sports from around the world are like in an American setting. Kristoffer Broadley, the Wichita State ultimate frisbee coach, hopes to encourage students to connect with each other through sports.

“We want to play hard, we want to win games, but also, we want to provide an environment where people feel like they have a family or a community,” Broadley said.

Wichita State has several intramural sports teams, including golf, basketball and cross country, as well as a wide array of sports clubs, like barbell, cricket and rugby. Many choose to participate in sports that are not as popular or accessible in their home countries. This exploration often helps students bond, gain confidence in a new environment and broaden cultural perspectives.

Several countries, like Japan, Afghanistan and Ireland, honor older generations with historically and culturally significant sports. Others are eager to represent sports that originated from their country, like England and the Premier League.

While the United States doesn’t have an official sport, many consider baseball or football, the most popular sport in the United States, to be the national pastime. Other sports, like ultimate frisbee, were created within the United States and have elements ingrained in American cultural values. Broadley says that the team and self-refereeing aspects build an environment supportive of honesty, respect and community.

“The ultimate frisbee community is really, really tight knit because there aren’t a huge number of players around the country. You get to know people pretty quickly,”  Broadley said. “The team here at Wichita State really tries to provide an environment for anyone who comes, especially people who might not be as welcome in other sporting avenues.”

Regardless of identity, Wichita State athletics and sports clubs provide an ideal space for students of all backgrounds to make friends, build leadership and teamwork skills and discover new athletic passions.

“Having to put myself in somebody else’s shoes when we’re discussing a foul call has really helped me see things from other people’s perspectives,” Broadley said. “And that, I think, really helps me in other places in my life, as well. I hope that’s what all my players are experiencing as well.”

A complete list of Wichita State athletic organizations and recreation sport clubs can be found on the Wichita State Athletic website and on the myWSU website. 

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