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‘Invaluable’: Graduate student shows passion while working on mayor’s re-election campaign

Logan DeMond (Photo courtesy of Logan DeMond)

Graduate student Logan DeMond went from a volunteer campaign speech writer to deputy campaign manager in the span of two months for incumbent Mayor Brandon Whipple’s campaign. He plans to fulfill this position until the upcoming election on Nov. 7. 

DeMond’s work for the campaign spans beyond a job experience. He said he believes in Whipple’s ability to further the positive progress he’s made in Wichita. 

“Working in this campaign, it is not about getting me to the next step in politics,” DeMond said. “I’m in this because I’m passionate about building on the progress that the mayor has made for the City of Wichita over four years, and I don’t want to see it take steps backwards.”

DeMond said there’s infinite networking opportunities for students at Wichita State. He said the experience is invaluable toward a variety of majors while volunteering for the campaign.  

“I could read every speech in the world. I could write as many papers, but nothing compares to actually being in the room,” DeMond said. 

If DeMond hadn’t made himself known to the Kansas Democratic Party, then he would not be where he is in the campaign today. He values his own and other students’ initiative to get involved in local politics and be a part of the change. 

“That’s how this stuff works. You have to have that drive to volunteer, to be able to give of your time, and that’s what we need in this campaign because that’s who were fueled by, is college students,” DeMond said.

DeMond said that college students can have a voice in politics, if they’re willing to put themselves out there and help in positions where it’s needed most. 

College students can also have a strong impact on campaigns, DeMond said. Their voices are desired by elected officials. 

“The goal right now is just to get grassroots support within the community, and as I’ve said, especially with college students, and getting us involved, so that we can put (Whipple) back in that position,” DeMond said. 

While in this position, DeMond said he has been given irreplaceable opportunities within politics in Wichita. He said he even got to speak one-on-one with Gov. Laura Kelly. 

“The advice she was able to give, that’s invaluable and (so is) seeing her and her belief in our mayor and her belief in the power of young people and what we’re able to contribute to the political atmosphere here in Kansas,” DeMond said.

DeMond said the long hours, difficult assignments and finding motivation while working on the campaign would not be possible if he didn’t have drive for the campaign. 

“There are some days where, you know, it’s exhausting,” DeMond said. “Just what I’ve learned is that you have to lean on your core values because this election isn’t about me.”

*This story has been updated from a previous version.

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