Don’t go solo on fitness: reasons why a partner can help you

When it comes to getting fit it can be difficult to get started and even harder to stay on your goals. 

It’s pretty hard to stay fit when you go it alone, but you don’t have to. Having a friend or family member join you on your fitness routine can bring you a variety of benefits.

1. They can encourage you

Having someone else helping you get fit can serve as a form of encouragement. When you start to feel your lungs get on fire getting near the 1 mile mark you can have someone else there by you pushing you to finish that last lap.

They can also be there to celebrate your victories and you do the same for them. Having someone there to watch your progress can help provide feedback you’ll need to improve your form.

2. They can make it a competition

Nothing motivates people quite as well as competition, and having someone you care about in the gym pushing you to do better than them can be all you need to keep going.

Not only that but it can be incredibly satisfying to finally beat someone in something they’ve always bested you at. And of course you then have to keep that new “better than you” title up by training even harder.

3. They make you have to commit

The best way to stop yourself from quitting out of something is to make yourself have to do it with someone else who is counting on you to be there. 

At that point you can’t just not go to the gym and face no consequences, you have to explain to your friend that you were too lazy to go for the day. And if they’re doing their job of keeping you on task they’ll guilt you back into the gym to get in shape.

4. It can help you bond with your significant other

This reason is more specific than the others but it is true. Working out with the person you are going out with can help you both start to connect more while getting healthy.

Sharing time together is important and having someone you care about deeply can keep you motivated to continue to impress them in your workout routine, and thus motivate you to keep going.

But this also helps make a deeper relationship when you go and spend time together jogging, lifting weights, or just play a friendly game. You can bond over these activities and grow together as a couple.

5. You’ll need someone to help

When you go to the gym the things that give you the best workouts can generally be some of the most dangerous machines to use. When using them it is smart to have someone there to spot you and to help make sure you don’t hurt yourself.

But someone helping you goes further than that, a partner in the gym can help keep tabs on you on your nutrition to make sure you get enough food in you to meet your weight goals in a safe way.

And if these reasons are not enough to convince you to get a partner to help you in the gym there is one last reason I have to convince you with.

Not only does a partner help you in all of these ways, but you can help a friend in the same way. Being there to help your friend get healthier can be one of the best feelings out there, and they’ll appreciate you helping them.