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OPINION: Compiling the best songs for Halloween, the fall season

Makenzie Miller

Spooky season (and fall) are officially upon us — unless you’re like me and in your head it’s fall 24/7, but that’s besides the point — it’s the time for hot drinks, soup, cozy sweaters, fun costumes and some of the best songs to set the mood of the season. 

This list is exactly that. I have compiled a list of some of (what I think) are the best songs for Halloween and for autumn in general. This list will be categorized by genre.


“All Too Well (10-minute version) (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault)” – Taylor Swift

You’ll remember fall “all too well” with this version of Taylor Swift’s “Red (Taylor’s Version)” track. 

Yes, this song is 10 minutes long, but this song is beautifully written and tells the story of the love and heartbreak of a messy relationship that she remembers “all too well.” This is a great song to listen to when relaxing at your favorite coffee shop or in your car, “getting lost upstate.”

“Thriller” – Michael Jackson

This haunting classic by the king of pop should be on every playlist. It’s not a Halloween party without a mob doing the infamous “Thriller” dance. From the creaking door at the beginning to the creepy monologue at the end, you best believe this is a Halloween banger. 

Put this on at a Halloween party, and you will have yourself a mob of zombies on the dancefloor. If you don’t know how to do the dance, watch the music video and learn it from Michael Jackson himself — then you can show off those moves at your next Halloween party. 

“Maneater” – Nelly Furtado 

I am well aware that there is a Hall & Oates song with the same title, and, believe me, that song is good as well but lacks the succubus vibes that Nelly Furtado’s song has. 

“Maneater” takes me back to the 2000s and gets all the crazy people to jump around to Furtado’s 2006 hit. 

Furtado’s classic neo-hippie funky sound with added electropop plus the repeating phrase of “I been around the world. I ain’t never seen a girl like this,” followed by “She’s a maneater, a maneater,” is all the more reason why this should be a Halloween party must-have. 


“Witchy Woman” – The Eagles

If you need a Halloween song with some witchy spellcasting vibes, look no further than The Eagles’s 1972 classic, “Witchy Woman.” With a recognizable opening, this classic rock hit is one you can mellow out to or one you can twirl about listening to. 

With entrancing guitar solos, Don Henley’s soothing voice and detailed lyrics describing a beautiful enchantress who held her lover “spellbound.” If you’re into witches and want a song to match your vibe, add this song to your playlist for this fall and year-round. 

“Psycho Killer” – Talking Heads 

This song gets a lot of attention during Halloween, but it’s also just a great song overall. From the opening bass line to a funky rhythm, this song is a great addition to your Halloween playlist. 

Not so fun fact: this song was written during a time of rampage by real-life “psycho killer,” David Berkowitz, a.k.a, “Son of Sam.” Despite that, it still makes for a great song to jam out to during this season.  

“California Dreamin’” – The Mamas and The Papas

When all the leaves are brown and the sky is gray, just put on this tune next time you go for a walk around town and dream about California. 

This classic folk-rock song gives all the fall vibes and is the perfect song for those days when you are on a walk, sipping a warm drink on a chilly fall day, and wishing you could be in a state where the weather is warmer than 50 degrees each day. 

Next time you need a song to study or relax to, add this to your favorite playlist and mellow out to this tune. 

“(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” – Blue Oyster Cult

Another classic rock Halloween banger comes from Blue Oyster Cult’s “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper.” This is another song with a recognizable opening riff and a cowbell to balance out the heavy guitar rhythm of the song. 

“(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” was also in the very first “Halloween” movie of the “Halloween” franchise. Because of its appearance in what is now known as a cult classic movie and franchise, plus its spooky themes of talking about a reaper, this song should earn a spot on your playlist. 


Any Rob Zombie Song

Rob Zombie is best known for his themes of horror and sci-fi throughout his music (and movies, but that’s not what we’re focusing on here.)

Songs like “Dragula,” “Superbeast,” “Living Dead Girl,” and “Satanic Rites of Blacula” are perfect for Halloween, along with any of his other songs. 

Put on a Rob Zombie song at any Halloween party, and I’m sure you’ll get some headbanging action going. 

“Hunter’s Moon” – Ghost 

All Ghost songs have a spooky vibe to them. The reason this song beats out all the rest is that it is in the end credits of the movie “Halloween Kills.”

Anytime I hear this song come on, I instantly think of the infamous “Halloween” franchise icon, Michael Myers, which automatically puts me in the mood for the spooky season. 

Not to mention, the full moon in October is known as a “Hunter’s Moon,” so this song is fitting for Halloween just based on the title and the movie that it was made for. 

“Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-all)” – Type O Negative

When it comes to spooky songs, this one is in my top five, and I feel like it deserves more appreciation as it is another wonderful headbanger. 

This song is 11 minutes long, but it’s 11 minutes of great drum solos, amazing guitar, spooky sounds, Peter Steele’s (rest in peace) wonderful singing and soothing monologues and a familiar sound in reference to “The Addams Family.” 

This song is both fast and slow as it switches between the two, but it will for sure have the phrases “black number one” and “loving you was like loving the dead” on replay in your head. 

“Nightmare” – Avenged Sevenfold

Listening to this song gives me Freddy Krueger from “Nightmare on Elm Street” vibes, and I dig it. 

With eerie lullaby sounds, gritty nightmare lyrics, evil laughs, and heavy guitar and drum solos, this song is another headbanging must-have on your playlist. 

This song is fast-paced and good for just about anything, including car rides, working out or Halloween parties. Let all that angst out and scream the chorus. 


“we fell in love in october” – girl in red

Nothing says fall like this girl in red classic. “we fell in love in october” will give you a reason to love fall. With its mellow drums and orchestral opening, this is a song you’ll want to snuggle up in your favorite flannel and admire stars from afar with. 

If you need an indie upbeat fall song for those long car rides, this should be on your playlist. 

“Sweater Weather” – The Neighbourhood

What better way to celebrate sweater season than with a song called “Sweater Weather”? Grab your favorite sweater and hold hands with your favorite person in the holes of your sweater. 

This song is cozy and upbeat and can bring on those feelings of someone special that you like, or it is just a great song to listen to while relaxing. Either way, add this song to your favorite playlist for all the fall feels.

“Dreams” – The Cranberries

This 90s classic is upbeat and is filled with beautiful singing from Dolores O’Rioridan (rest in peace) and wonderfully written lyrics. The song that puts The Cranberries on the map brings fall joy with a dreamy rhythm. 

If you haven’t heard this song by The Cranberries, give it a listen on your next car ride or jam session and add it to your playlist, as it is an all-around good song. 

Listen with me

I think these songs bring on the fall vibes as they all have a certain rhythm to them, whether they fit to fall in general or Halloween specifically. 

Whether you’re looking for songs to fit fall, Halloween or both, consider giving these a listen. Happy Halloween and happy fall. 

To listen with me this season, visit spotify.com.


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