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REVIEW: Feeling sassy? Have a soda at Just a Sip

Makenzie Miller

The dirty soda trend has been taking over TikTok, and now Wichitans can try it for themselves at Just a Sip. Located in west Wichita at 8520 W. 13th St. N., Just a Sip is Wichita’s first dirty soda shop.

Originating in Utah, dirty soda is a typical soda flavored with different syrups, creams and other mix-ins to create unique combinations. At Just a Sip, these drinks are known as “sassy sodas.”

Just a Sip offers 16 different sassy sodas, all of which customers can personalize with additional flavorings, fresh fruit, boba and more. 

In addition to their normal sassy sodas, the store also offers four caffeine-free kid’s drinks with a Sprite base. Customers can also order “sparklers,” which are sparkling waters with added fruits and flavorings, or lotus infusion drinks. The store also sells snacks like pretzel bites and cookies.

I tried the Campfire Cola sassy soda, which is Coca-Cola with toasted marshmallow flavoring and Italian cream mixed in, and the Strawberry Lemonade sparkler, sparkling water with strawberry purée and fresh lemon.

The Campfire Cola was delicious, and to my surprise, it really did taste like marshmallows had been added to it. The added flavoring made it heavier and sweeter than a typical soda, but the drink still had the nice bite of a classic Coca-Cola.

The Strawberry Lemonade was pleasant and refreshing. I appreciated that the strawberry flavor came from real strawberry purée, but it could have been a little stronger. However, the lemon flavor of the drink was strong and gave the drink a nice tang that went well with the carbonation from the sparkling water. Overall, I preferred the Campfire Cola, but the sparkler would be a nice alternative when you want something less sweet.

The general atmosphere of the store was lively. Despite being crowded when I ordered, the staff was friendly, and it only took a little over five minutes for my drinks to be ready. Customers should note that the business is walk-up and drive-thru only. 

The drinks are priced reasonably — each sassy soda and sparkler is between $1 and $3 before add-ins, depending on the size.

Next time you find yourself in west Wichita, I’d highly recommend giving Just a Sip’s trendy and inexpensive drinks a try.

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Avery Gathright
Avery Gathright, Reporter
Avery Gathright is a first-year reporter for The Sunflower. Gathright is a secondary education major with an emphasis in English. She hopes to eventually teach AP Literature. Gathright uses she/her pronouns.
Makenzie Miller
Makenzie Miller, Illustrator/Designer
Makenzie Miller is an animation major and a first-year illustrator on The Sunflower. She is from Eureka, Kansas, and enjoys not only art but also cartoons, video games, softball, and literally any type of animal. She hopes to one day be a storyboarder/concept artist for an animation company.

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