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Student organizations pledge to make WSU campus safe amidst rising racism in aftermath of Israel-Palestine conflict

Representatives from the Arab Student Association, Jewish Student Alliance, Students Organize for Syria, and the Muslim Student Association sit at the Student Senate meeting on Nov. 1. The organizations visited SGA to share a joint statement about unity in light of the Israel-Palestine conflict. (Allison Campbell)

Four student groups came before the Student Government Association to share a joint statement about the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Students from the Arab Student Association, Students Organize for Syria, the Muslim Student Association, and the Jewish Student Alliance spoke before the Student Senate with the purpose of creating unity.

Nabaa Alamood, who serves as the vice president of Arab Student Association (ASA), emphasized the importance of remaining united in a time of conflict. 

“With the rapid rise in antisemitism, islamophobia, xenophobia and racism following the inhumane massacre in Israel and Palestine, we believe it is important for our campus to stay united and offer each other unconditional support,” Alamood said. 

Abdelkarim Jibril, a member of ASA, spoke on his identity as a Palestinian-American and the importance of showing support in any way possible.

“This does not mean we should act irrationally,” Jibril said. “It is a sensitive subject, and it should be treated as such. We must be sensible and remind ourselves that we want justice and must maintain the sense of morality and compassion for human lives — that no one in this world should be considered subhuman.”

Jibril also touched on Wichita State’s role as a university in conversations about conflicts.

“We’re an American university; we have the freedom of speech,” he said. “It is important for students to feel like they have the ability to safely say things.”

Kian Williams, president of the newly founded Jewish Student Alliance, spoke on overcoming cynicism with optimism. 

“I’m optimistic that our generation sees the need for change and for safe and constructive dialogue,” Williams said.

The organizations pledged to make Wichita State a safe and welcoming campus for all, regardless of identity.

“We will not allow hatred to divide us. Instead, we will work together to protect and support each other,” Alamood said. “Only united can we prevent future incidents and hate speech from occurring.”

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