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Tre’zure Jobe returns to home after persistent recruiting by coaching staff

Maegan Vincent
Tre’Zure Jobe talks about her return to the shockers. On Oct. 16, WSU hosted a press conference for the women’s basketball team for the upcoming season.

Tre’Zure Jobe has earned herself the nickname of “grandma” for being the oldest player on the Wichita State women’s basketball team. 

For her sixth and final year, Jobe decided to come back to her hometown, Wichita, after talking to Terry Nooner, the head coach of women’s basketball. Seeing some of the practices during her visits to Wichita State helped convince her in the recruiting process. 

“The coaching staff were real persistent during my recruiting process,” Jobe said. “I was really attracted to that.” 

Jobe said that her family did not play a role on her decision to return home, but she wanted to be selfish when picking a school because this is her last year of collegiate basketball.

“This is still my hometown; I do want to see the women’s side do well,” Jobe said. 

Coming onto the team, Jobe expected to be the leader due to her several years of experience.

“Every program I was talking to said that’s kind of the role that I was going to have to come into and do and be and be that extension of coach,” she said.

Despite coming onto the team on the quieter side, team members said Jobe found her place on the team over the summer.

“She was a little quiet, so we just had to get a feel for her, but the summer sessions really helped,” senior guard Aniyah Bell said . 

Bell said Jobe is a vocal leader and leads by example, she doesn’t just “talk the talk” but “walks the walk.” 

“She’s about action, so when she’s telling us what she expects from us, she does so herself,” Bell said. “She’s never going to ask you to do something that she wouldn’t do herself.”

Being in a leadership position is not a job that Jobe takes lightly. She said she knows what is expected of her and tries to stay on top of her game. 

“Even though I’m new to the team, they kind of look at me like okay, ‘Tre’Zure what are we doing?” Jobe said. “I kind of set the pace for practice and how the energy is going to go.”

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