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REVIEW: Paranormal Cirque left jaws on the floor and hearts in the stomach

Despite several local church groups attempting to shut it down for “promoting satanic rituals,” the Paranormal Cirque let the show go on in the Towne East parking lot over the weekend. 

The Paranormal Cirque promises a “crazy but fun fusion between Circus, theatre, and cabaret in perfect harmony,” according to their website

The paranormal aspects came into play from the get-go, with the main announcer and host being a dark wizard shrouded in darkness, carrying a flaming torch. 

The performance took place at the gates of the Underworld, with the performers being the wizard’s puppets. The performers were made to look dead and generally scary-looking, as well as wearing tattered and torn clothing. 

At the performance I attended, they delivered on this creepy aspect and more. My jaw dropped from the start to the end of this wonderful circus performance. I gasped in shock and awe several times at the raw talent and strength that the performers had. 

One performer swung in the air, held solely by her hair. When I saw her come out, I instantly knew what her act would be, but I was still so incredibly impressed by the beauty of her performance and how effortless it seemed. 

Another pair of performers were a modified trapeze act, where one partner was hanging from the motorcycle the other performer was driving. At one point during their act, the driver secured himself to the motorcycle and began spinning around the rope they were balancing on. 

I’m not entirely sure how to describe the final act, but it was incredibly dangerous looking, and the performer made it seem so effortless. He was essentially several feet in the air, running and jumping on a spinning contraption. 

The only downside of the show was my seats; I was off to the side of the stage, and during the magic act, I saw how a couple of tricks were done. Not all of them, though; I left confused on how four girls came out of the same box when one went in. 

I would highly recommend attending the Paranormal Cirque the next time it is in town. If you enjoy normal circus activities, this was amplified by 1,000.

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