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Sexual health group advocates for increased access to emergency contraception on campus

Allison Campbell
Stella Gage, the president of SHARE, and At-large Sen. Jasmine Peng speak to senators regarding a newly proposed resolution that aims to improve the accessibility of emergency contraception on campus. “Access to EC is an important way for students to maintain bodily autonomy and prevent unwanted pregnancies,” Gage said.

Sexual Health, Advocacy, Resources and Education (SHARE) hopes to improve the accessibility of emergency contraception on the Wichita State campus through two new resolutions introduced to the Student Government Association.

SHARE, a Planned Parenthood generation action chapter at WSU, visited the Student Senate on Wednesday evening to speak on two resolutions about emergency contraception pills. At-large Sen. Jasmine Peng asked for the group’s support on the resolutions.

SHARE President Stella Gage said emergency contraception (EC) pills are in high demand on campus; when SHARE tabled with these boxes in the RSC, their supply decreased from “around 130 boxes to 20.”

“Access to EC is an important way for students to maintain bodily autonomy and prevent unwanted pregnancies,” Gage said. 

EC distribution service

The first resolution would set up a “peer-to-peer” distribution of emergency contraception, which Gage said would be facilitated by SHARE and any approved volunteers. She said students would be able to request EC for free through a confidential Google form, and then they would agree on a drop-off time and location. 

“This entire service will be free for students to utilize, as it is intended to break down costs and access barriers for students,” Gage said. 

Gage said that SHARE receives unlimited free emergency contraception supplies from Plan B distributors, and they receive safe sex supplies from Planned Parenthood.

 Safe-sex vending machines

The second resolution is for the implementation of safe-sex vending machines across campus, which would include emergency contraception. 

According to Gage, a vending machine in Shocker Hall currently provides EC, but students told her the price is costly, and the vending machine is not accessible to those who do not live in the dorm after hours.

Gage said that SHARE works with a list of suppliers that would supply EC tablets to student organizations for $5, which would allow the EC to be sold at a more affordable price for students. 

While Peng said she and Gage are still determining products for the vending machines, they have so far planned for EC, safe sex, condoms, lube, ibuprofen and Tylenol.

According to Peng, some potential locations for the vending machines include the Rhatigan Student Center, the 24-hour section of the Ablah Library, all dorms and the Student Wellness Center in the Steve Clark YMCA Building. 

Peng said she is planning on making a resolution to urge this practice due to the Student Government Association being “low on money currently his semester,” but she would like to make a task force for these initiatives in the future.

Peng said she plans to reach out to Counseling and Psychological Services, Spectrum: LGBTQ and Allies, and Feminists On Campus Uniting Students (FOCUS) about potential partnerships on this project.

For anyone who has ideas, Peng encouraged them to email her. She can be reached at [email protected].

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