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REVIEW: Pomme’s new album ‘Saisons’ captures haunting beauty of shifting seasons

Photo courtesy of Sois Sage Musique

Singer, songwriter and musician Pomme may just be the folk French lesbian you need in your life. 

Part one of her newest album, “Saisons,” meaning seasons in French, was released on Dec. 1, and with it, her music just keeps getting better. The orchestral album features six songs with a total listening time of 17 minutes and 52 seconds. The album consists of four movements and three acts, with each movement representing a season and each act being a song that represents a month of the year. 

Pomme has revealed that part two of “Saisons” will be released in 2024 with no further detail as of Dec. 5. 

In an interview with Tsugi, Pomme said she wanted to celebrate classical music and nature because they made her the artist she is today. 

Unlike her previous albums, where she placed her voice and problems at the center of each song, Pomme focused on nature and the seasons themselves in “Saisons.” She was happy with the timing of this album’s release because of the other tragedies currently taking place worldwide. She felt that more songs about her “little problems as a white woman in the West” are not the stories that need to be heard in the current social context.

Her pre-released song, “_dec carte de noël,” hinted at the December release of “Saisons” part one. It also took on a more familiar sound and theme to her previous songs. It depicts the story of someone who disappeared from her life and remembers them during the holiday season. 

I always find it difficult to pick favorite songs from Pomme, but I would have to say two from this album so far are “_sept magie mauve” and “_feb carte de noël.”  

“_sept magie mauve”

Pomme’s first track on the album, “_sept magie mauve,” perfectly captures the feeling of leaves changing colors and a chill breeze sweeping through the fall season. In this song, Pomme describes her surroundings and the sleepy nature of the autumn months, in preparation for winter. 

The melody is sweet but spooky, perfectly capturing the spirit of my favorite season.

“_feb carte de noël”

My absolute favorite song on this album is definitely “_feb carte de noël”. It is instrumental, but Pomme still has vocalizations in the background, so we don’t miss out on her angelic voice too much. 

The almost fluttery sound of the orchestra seems to prelude the upcoming spring months while still being soft like the snow in winter. It made me envision the first buds and sprouts unearthing themselves in the snow, and it left me with much excitement for the spring and summer movements as the last track on the album.

“Saisons” part one overall

I always tell my friends that I don’t think Pomme has a single bad song, and she has yet to fail. Although this album is different from her past ones, she pulled it off perfectly. 

Until “Saisons” part two is released, I would highly recommend giving part one a listen as we enter winter ourselves.

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Genesis Merriett, Reporter
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