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REVIEW: Las Adelitas is my new go-to, and it should be yours too

Downtown Wichita is known for its restaurants, shops and breweries, but it also has its hidden gems — especially when it comes to its cafés. 

Located on the first floor of The Lux, an apartment building located on First Street near the Orpheum, Las Adelitas brings coffee, culture and food to one spot. 

The cafe roasts its own coffee beans and makes the drinks using its brand, Esperanza Coffee Roasters. The shop also serves a variety of food items from local places around Wichita, including pastries from Juarez Bakery. 

I went to Las Adelitas with my mom, and we were able to try a few different things. My mom got a hot Abue Choco Mocha made with Abuelita’s Hot Chocolate and a poblano chile and cheese tamale. 

While I stole a sip and bite of my mom’s order, I got my own as well. I chose an iced La Lavenda coffee made with homemade lavender syrup and Mexican honey, as well as a ground beef and potato burrito. 

Later on, I also got a Comote Chai Latte, which was made with the café’s homemade sweet potato flavored syrup, chai tea, and topped off with hand-torched roasted marshmallows. 

I enjoyed the burrito, the ground beef had a good flavor and just the right amount of spice, and it paired well with the potatoes. I also really liked the bite of the tamale I had — I loved how the poblano peppers paired with the flavor of the Montterey jack cheese. 

For the drinks, I enjoyed a sip of the Abue Choco mocha, as someone who grew up loving Abuelita’s Hot Chocolate, I enjoyed the flavor of the latte. 

I liked the La Lavenda, but I could only taste the lavender flavor rather than lavender and honey combined. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of lavender, but I do wish there was a splash of vanilla to balance it out. 

My favorite out of the drinks I tried was the Comote Chai Latte. I enjoyed the sweet potato flavor mixed with the spices of the chai tea. I also loved the roasted marshmallows on top; you can pick them out and eat them or you can let them melt into your drink. 

This was also a great drink to have on a cold day, and I enjoyed it so much that I stopped by the café again two days after my first visit and got the drink again. 

The price range for both food and drinks is between $3 and $8, but it is worth it as everything is made locally, both at the café and around Wichita. 

If you want to try a new café with a flavorful twist of Mexican spices with a cozy atmosphere, give Las Adelitas Café a try. 

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Jacinda Hall, Podcast Editor
Jacinda Hall is the podcast editor for The Sunflower. Hall is a junior majoring in communications with an emphasis in journalism and minoring in English literature. Her favorite quote is by Kurt Cobain: “I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.” In her free time, Hall likes to go to the gym, crochet and make fancy beverages. Hall's pronouns are she/her.

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