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REVIEW: Two Hands Corn Dog offers boba with unique flavors you won’t find elsewhere

Jacinda Hall
Rose boba milk tea at Two Hands in Braeburn Square.

Located in Braeburn Square, Two Hands Corn Dog is well-known for its corn dogs, but the American chain also serves delicious boba, combining unique flavors you won’t find anywhere else in Wichita. 

Two Hands serves the more common boba flavors like milk tea, taro and matcha, but they had a select three that stood out to me.

Coffee latte

Of the three drinks I tried, this flavor was my least favorite. 

This flavor at Two Hands was alright, but the drink tasted as if the coffee flavor came from syrup instead of actual coffee or espresso. It was also overly sweet.

In Wichita, Boba Zone and Crispy Donuts also serve coffee flavored boba, and I’d recommend these over Two Hands’.


When I first got this drink, I expected it to taste like bath soap due to prior experiences, but I was surprised by how much I liked this flavor; it was surprisingly sweet. The creaminess of the milk balances the flavor out well. 

Rose is one of those flavors that places either do a great or terrible job with.


Do not let the greenish-yellowish color of the drink deceive you when you try it in person because this flavor was delicious. I saved the best for last on this list as this flavor was my favorite of the ones I’ve tried. This tasted like a Freddy’s Vanilla Custard in boba form, and I adored it. 

The drink was sweet, creamy and brought me joy once I had my first sip of this drink. If you stop at Two Hands for boba sometime, I highly recommend this flavor. 


Boba at Two Hands is $5.99 before tax, making it a little expensive, but if you’ve been looking to try boba without leaving campus, Two Hands is the perfect option, with several decent contenders to pair with the restaurant’s savory items. 

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