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REVIEW: Cigarettes After Sex’s ‘Tejano Blue’ was worth the wait

Photo courtesy of Spanish Prayers under exclusive license to Partisan Records

Emerging from a four-year album hiatus, Cigarettes After Sex released a new song, announced a new album and set tour dates worldwide. Their journey to stardom has focused on love, longing and heartbreak. 

Recorded from August 2020 to February 2022 in Los Angeles, California, the latest single, “Tejano Blue,” serves as the lead track for the upcoming album. The album — simply titled “X’s” — is set to release this summer on July 12. 

“Tejano Blue” is not only the perfect tease to this long-awaited album but also marks the start of the promotion of their world tour.

The band does not step in Wichita, but will touch base in Texas and Colorado, the closest they will get to Kansas. Cigarettes After Sex begins the tour this year in June and does not finish until March 2025.

Their album has ten songs and plays for 38 minutes. The single is the second track on the list.

The guitar work and mesmerizing vocals of Greg Gonzalez foreshadow a rhythmic journey with the album. The band still exhibits remarkable skill while reinventing tenderness and capturing the complexities of yearning.

“Tejano Blue” is inspired by Gonzalez’s upbringing in El Paso, Texas. It also signals the departure from the band’s 50s and 60s fixation in previous albums and seems to steer towards the 70s and 80s mood. 

The song was produced and recorded by Gonzalez himself, with mixing by Anthony “Rocky” Gallo and mastered by Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone. The craftsmanship of “Tejano Blue” reflects the band’s commitment to sonic excellence and to making me want to go on a late-night drive with the volume all up to their music. 

Gonzalez’s ability to articulate the nuances of affection is shown through their lyrics, which delve into a desire for authentic intimacy and connection. The song weaves together physical and shared experiences and provides an exploration of love and longing for meaningful connections. 

The song’s ethereal sounds and lyrics evoke a sense of nostalgia after years of silence from the band. It embodies the signature sound and vibe of Cigarettes After Sex.

The soothing and calming vibe aligns with the band’s established sound. They create an atmosphere that feels like old memories with friends, sleeping in on the weekend, and, of course, cigarettes after sex. 

The artwork accompanying the song, “Untitled (Deja Vu)” by Ralph Gibson, adds to the dreamy atmosphere of the track. 

With “Tejano Blue,” Cigarettes After Sex sets the tone for their upcoming album, inviting listeners to join the band on a journey of complexities of romantic emotions. 

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