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SGA approves allocation of $10.5 million in student fees for 36 programs

Allison Campbell
Student Government Association Sen. Gracie Lamb votes ‘yes’ during the Student Services Fees Act proposed on Wednesday night. All 18 present senators voted in favor of the act, which determined how $10.5 million in student fees would be allocated among 36 programs.

The Student Government Association (SGA) approved and outlined how student fees will be used toward educational opportunity and student operations funding during the Student Senate meeting on Wednesday night.

In a “roll call” vote where each member was required to state their vote out loud, SGA members approved the allocation of $10,565,546 — or 1% of the total university budget — in student fees to fund the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) and student operations. 

The EOF includes $254,430 for student financial aid initiatives, such as scholarships, need-based grants and student employee salaries. The remainder — $10,311,116 — goes toward student-oriented services, such as funding for the Rhatigan Student Center, campus recreation, SGA, Student Health Services and The Sunflower, according to the presentation assembled by Adviser Gabriel Fonseca and SGA Treasurer Jia Wen Wang.

These funds are referred to as a Student Support Services Fee and are divided into tiers dependent on a student’s enrolled credit hours and whether they are enrolled in the summer or fall/spring. Tier 3 programs include up to 5.75 credit hours, Tier 2 programs include between 6 to 8.75 credit hours, and Tier 1 includes 9 or more credit hours per semester.

The approved bill will authorize the treasurer of SGA to allocate no more than the specified requested amounts every semester to EOF programs. The following amounts are taken from each student’s EOF contributions when they pay student fees.

  • Cultural Ambassador Program: 39 cents
  • Debate: 97 cents
  • Disability Support Services: 31 cents
  • HALA Scholarship Award for Community Service: 58 cents
  • Historically Underrepresented Student Grant: $2.72
  • Non-Traditional Student Scholarship: $1.16
  • International Scholarship Fund — Study Abroad: 39 cents
  • Multicultural Student Mentoring Program: $1.36
  • Ulrich Museum of Art: 33 cents
  • Child Development Center: $10.71
  • Office of Student Accommodations and Testing: 39 cents
  • Rhatigan Student Center: $108.46
  • Office of Diversity and Inclusion: $12.76
  • State Employee Compensation Increases: $4.25
  • Market-based Pay from FY24 — RSC only: $4.07
  • Student Organization Appropriations Funding: $3.69

Additionally, the treasurer will “hold flat” the following Student Service Fee program portions. The following amounts are taken from each student’s student operations contributions in student fees.

  • Graduate Student Scholarship Program: 39 cents
  • McNair Graduate Student Scholarship: 31 cents
  • Association Scholarships: $1.35
  • Student of the Year Scholarship: 10 cents
  • Varsity eSports Scholarship: 99 cents
  • Ulrich Museum Fellowship: 20 cents
  • Student Engagement, Advocacy & Leadership: $41.76
  • Student Health Services: $41.08
  • Counseling and Psychological Services: $14.35
  • Health, Outreach and Prevention Education Services: $1.10
  • Campus Recreation: $42.97
  • SGA Special Projects and Capital Fund: $82.74
  • Student Affairs Assessment and Retention: $3.48
  • Student Government Association: $25.34
  • The Sunflower: $5.74
  • The Sunflower Equipment Reserve: 20 cents
  • College of Fine Arts Programming: $1.94
  • Varsity Esports: $1.94
  • Graduate Student Programming: 47 cents

The act was approved with all present 18 senators voting in affirmation.

Security cameras on campus

The Security Cameras as Needed Act, sponsored by Adult Learner Sen. Andrew Hatch, advocates for the installation of security cameras in all campus parking lots to provide safety and security for people and property. 

“I had done a little bit of research, and security cameras were most effective at reducing crime … in parking lots,” Hatch said during the resolution’s first presentation on March 27.

Additionally, it was recommended that university police collaborate with SGA members to determine which other areas on campus need security cameras.

“I did send a copy (of the bill) to the chief of police, and they were very supportive and were willing to work with student government for placement on the security cameras,” Hatch said. 

Appointing new chief justice

The Student Senate also appointed Associate Justice Lesly Hernandez as the Chief Justice of the 67th session. Current Chief Justice Maureen Wetta and Student Body President Iris Okere both spoke in support of Hernandez.

“She has more than enough qualities to meet this role as chief justice — her legal knowledge, leadership, willingness to learn, communication and everything beyond that,” Wetta said. “If confirmed, I have no doubt that she will continue to lead the court with success.”

The April 3 session, as well as upcoming sessions, can be viewed on SGA’s YouTube.

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