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OPINION: Spotify trumps Apple Music time after time

Preston Caylor

For years, we have seen music lovers debating between artists, music genres and even music streaming services. The epic debate between Spotify and Apple Music has the same vibe as Xbox versus PlayStation or even Apple against Android. 

Popular music streaming services over the years have included Apple Music, Spotify and even YouTube Music. YouTube Music came to the world in 2015. It is free to download and use, but includes incessant advertisements. With a subscription, users can listen to ad-free videos and exit the app and still listen to the music. YouTube Music doesn’t really hold a flame to Spotify or Apple Music.

There are benefits to each service, but each offers different products and experiences.

As someone who bums off their family’s Apple Music subscription, I can confidently end the debate of the services by saying Spotify is the better offer. 

Depending on your mood, you can click on a specific artist in your library, one of your curated playlists or even your entire library of songs. 

The app offers many artists on its platform. It has categories like spatial audio, pop, alternative and more. 

When I look up if I can listen to podcasts on Apple Music, Google tells me yes. When I look up any podcast on the app, Apple tells me no; nothing appears under the search bar. I know that Apple Podcast exists, but it is frustrating to download and start up another app when I barely ever have storage as it is. 

Spotify has a lot of nooks and crannies where users can find new music and artists, as well as other products.

I love to use Spotify to listen to my podcasts. I love how I can turn on notifications on Spotify to get the updates I want and look forward to, like Emma Chamberlain’s hilarious podcast. 

In September 2022, Spotify added audiobooks to its range of services and products. Popular books such as “Crying in H Mart” by Michelle Zauner and “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” by Taylor Jenkins Reid are offered. 

For PlayStation users, we are limited to Spotify because Apple Music is not in cahoots with the gaming company the way our green and black icons are. I can listen to music during a game whenever I please. I can have the Spotify application and my game open at the same time.

Spotify offers student deals that help us save scraps here and there. When confirming you’re enrolled as a student with a simple form, you only pay $5.99 a month for your premium subscription. There are additional bundles with Spotify that include Hulu and Showtime. 

Apple Music matches the same price but does not offer bundles with other companies for students.

My phone has both apps downloaded, but I prefer the variety Spotify offers in just one app. I like the green and black theme. Listening to music while playing video games is just a bonus point.

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Piper Pinnetti
Piper Pinnetti, Reporter
Piper Pinnetti is a reporter for The Sunflower. Pinnetti previously designed content for The Sunflower's Instagram. Pinnetti is a junior at Wichita State, majoring in journalism with the hopes of pursuing a career in writing. Pinnetti uses she/her pronouns.
Preston Caylor
Preston Caylor, Illustrator/Designer
Preston Caylor is a freshman at Wichita State majoring in animation, and this is his first year on staff at The Sunflower. Caylor grew up in Wichita and has always been fond of drawing, animation and music. In the future, he plans on making his way to a big animation company such as Disney or Pixar to either be an animator or animation director. Fun Fact: Caylor plays eight instruments: guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, horn, trumpet, alto saxophone and tenor saxophone. Caylor uses he/him pronouns.

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  • T

    TimApr 11, 2024 at 4:13 pm

    Was this article written by AI? This is horrible.

    “When I look up if I can listen to podcasts on Apple Music, Google tells me yes.” What the hell is that? You’re not even using these services if you have to ask Google these things, so what authority do you have to comment on which is better.

    Congratulations on publishing the most ridiculous article of the year.