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Business student strives to ‘take every opportunity’

Monique Bever
Ebony Moore responds to interview questions for The Sunflower. Moore will graduate in May with a major in Management and Human Resource Management.

In four years, senior Ebony Moore has been involved in almost every way on campus. Majoring in business management and human resources and guided by her faith, Moore has been involved in internships, study abroad trips and other opportunities at Wichita State.

After receiving the Rudd Scholarship, a full ride, in 2020, Moore decided to attend WSU. She said the program also provided her with additional support and training throughout college.

“I did not think I had a shot getting that scholarship whatsoever,” Moore said. “It’s a beneficial part of my college experience because of their mentorship, they’re always there … They’ll be with you every aspect of the way and help support you through it all.”

A self-proclaimed “God-fearing woman,” Moore said she struggles with imposter syndrome and that her faith has given her strength and confidence.

“Sometimes, I don’t feel like I’m the best either because I am Black, or sometimes I feel like I’m here because of that,” Moore said. “I lean strongly on my faith that God made me who I am … Everything I do; I pray over it. If it’s for me, God, give it to me. If it’s not for me, take it away.”

Barton School director of student and community initiatives Dorothy Harpool, who taught Moore in class and worked with her through the Widener Global Leaders Program, explained how Moore was an exemplary student at WSU.

“Ebony is one of those people that has a step up to begin with, in terms of her personality” Harpool said. “She is so positive and so team-oriented and so easy to work with, but also has a really high level of self-confidence and maturity and stick-to-itiveness that is rare with students or with humans of her age.”

Moore has completed two study abroad trips in college, one in Europe and one in Africa. In January 2023, Moore visited London, Paris, and several Italian cities, learning about European art.

In January 2024, Moore studied abroad again, visiting South Africa to learn how businesses can grow in developing nations. Moore said both experiences were beneficial, helping her improve her worldview.

“I think just having a more of a global mindset is definitely something I took away from my experiences,” Moore said. “Being abroad, you have to quickly learn how to adapt to how our culture and our norms may be different from other people’s or other countries’ norms.”

While at WSU, Moore has interned for Deloitte, Apple and Tesla. Moore is currently signed on to work as a strategy analyst consultant at Deloitte after she graduates in May. 

Moore said the university, specifically the Shocker Career Accelerator, helped her develop the self-assurance and other skills needed to get these opportunities.

“Wichita State gave me the platform to be more confident in myself,” Moore said. “I am worthy of being at a table, and I do deserve to have these opportunities. Talking to my professors and talking about my jobs … really impacted my life.

Harpool discussed Moore’s determination to get the most out of her college experience.

“She is going to get as much experience in every minute she is in college,” Harpool said. “Even in class, I could see that she is a sponge, and any opportunity she had to build her resume and to build her preparedness for the workplace, she took.”

Moore would advise other students to be “the most authentic version” of themselves and to look for opportunities around them.

“Don’t pretend, and don’t fake anything or anyone that you’re not,” Moore said. “What’s for you will come to you with peace and clarity … Take every opportunity that you get at Wichita State. Take it for your advantage. You have to embrace and dive into these opportunities as much as you want them to come to you.”

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Avery Gathright, Reporter
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Monique Bever, Reporter
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  • R

    Reginald MooreMay 10, 2024 at 12:26 pm

    Congratulations! I and we are all so proud of you. Keep the faith!

  • L

    LowellMay 10, 2024 at 3:35 am

    Congratulations, it’s inspiring to hear your testimony and experiences thus far in life. Keep being you and inspiring other and let God keep leading you. I believe you have a lot to offer.