Student finds home in sports management

Blake Molina describes himself as a typical college guy who enjoys watching sports, playing video games and working out.

But one thing that isn’t typical about Molina is his confidence in knowing he wanted to work in sports, even while he was still in high school.

Though at that time he didn’t know which area he’d like to be in, he started doing his own research by looking at job posting and job responsibilities in sports.

“I came to realize there were many aspects that covers in the sports industry,” Molina said. “There’s marketing, communication, public relations and sales, all of which was right up my alley.”

Molina said it didn’t take him long to find out that Wichita State had a prestigious sports management program.

“We have a strong program here on campus, and WSU is one of only 32 to be accredited by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA),” Molina said. “Also, what really attracted to this program is, even at an undergraduate or graduate level, we are required to do internships and get that relevant experience before we graduate. Even at a younger age, I knew that was going to big deal as I got out into the real world.”

Molina is a former president for the Sports Management Student Association (SMSA). SMSA prepares undergraduate and graduate students for careers in the management of sport entertainment, sport participation and sporting goods organizations. 

SMSA also crowns itself in providing beyond classroom skills and helps in developing contacts in a real-world setting throughout the city and across the nation.

Molina said that members are provided with various opportunities to improve their résumés and network with people in their related field.

“Members in SMSA will get MVP access, which is the biggest sports job database, to look up jobs and even see how many have applied for a particular job,” Molina said. “But what I really like about SMSA is that it promotes networking, and thankfully, they have a strong alumni base. Because of this I have a really good mentor who I can talk to anytime, and he is willing to help out.”

SMSA also partners with the career fair that is organized by the Oklahoma City Thunders, who brings various organizations from the Midwest to provide job and internship opportunity.

Molina emphasizes on how this is a good opportunity for new members to socialize and network. Experiences like these helps students to apply for jobs and get their resumes ready for the working world.

“I think this is a great way to help prepare students in a professional sense,” Molina said. “SMSA is a great association to build a foundation for its members to better themselves, get exposed and to learn outside the classroom, and also a great way to engage with all the members and those that are involve with this association.”