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President Muma hosts fundraiser, NPR newscaster Korva Coleman attends

A KMUW fundraiser brought National Public Radio (NPR) newscaster Korva Coleman to Wichita last week. Reporters and KMUW supporters gathered at the President’s Residence on the Wichita State University campus to mingle, network and discuss the current state of public radio. The second part of the night led guests to Walker’s Jazz Lounge for an on-stage interview with Coleman. 

The fundraiser highlighted an internship opportunity at KMUW: the Korva Coleman Diversity in Journalism Internship. It’s a full-time, 10-week internship for student journalists of color. Interns are paid a $5,000 stipend and receive free room and board. 

Coleman was inspired by her own experience as a journalist of color to create an opportunity that wasn’t available to her.

“I wasn’t an intern because I couldn’t afford to be an intern,” Coleman said. 

She said she grew up very poor in west Phoenix, “which is like saying you’re from Bed-Stuy or Compton,” she said. 

Coleman worked for WAMU, Washington’s NPR station, while attending Howard University. 

A typical day for her was long and exhausting. Get off work at 6 a.m. Go home. Eat lunch. Go to class. Race through homework. Sleep for a few hours. Get up and do it all over again the next day. 

“Student journalists of color generally don’t have any money — not that any student ever really does, but I’m just saying that it’s just that much harder. My story is not unique, so if I can help make it a little bit easier,” Coleman said. 

There have been four past Korva Coleman interns: Hafsa Quraishi, Katelynn McIlwain, Andrew Lopez and Tadeo Ruiz Sandoval. Quraishi is now the associate producer of Here and Now at WBUR in Boston, Katelynn McIlwain is now the managing editor of KBIA, Andrew Lopez is now a reporter for the Boyle Heights Beat in Los Angeles and Tadeo Ruiz Sandoval is now a summer intern at the Wall Street Journal. 

The newest intern is Nour Longi. You can find her published stories here.

Near the end of the evening, Coleman pulled a check for $1,000 from her jacket and handed it to KMUW General Manager Debra Fraser.

“I am committed to this (KMUW) — this is money I am giving KMUW to support this internship,” Coleman said. “To support the great work of what Debra and Tom and everyone at the station is doing. I hope you will give, too. Please.”

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