What I want for this holiday season

Writing this makes me feel like I’m asking Santa what I want for Christmas. Since there’s not really a clearly defined Spirit of the Halloween season, I’ll just skip that part. 

Anyway, Halloween is a fun time of the year that occurs just when the season of autumn starts to show its colors, and so far that look is being sustained. It’s a bit cool outside with leaves starting to pile up everywhere, so that part is covered well. Just hope there’s no rain or snow in the forecast.

Appropriate decorations are everywhere I go and the stores aisles are filled with lots of treats and goodies to please my sweet tooth. Although, I’ll wait until the day after Halloween sales to really go nuts and have enough candy to get me through the start of next year.

As for a costume, it would be awesome to have a highly actuate Batman costume from the Tim Burton films, but can’t quite afford one at this point in my life. Instead, I’m thankful for what I supply, which is a high actuate Ernest P. Worrell costume, right down to the exact same shoes.

Mostly, I want this year’s Halloween to be as much fun as possible for everyone, big and small, without anyone taking the idea of “tricking” people too far. 

I may not be a little kid anymore, but I sure feel like one at heart, and this time of the year that’s something that you should never let go of.