Fight off the cold with these simple remedies


One of the many unpleasantries associated with the fall season is the common cold. It’s not the constant need to cough that makes it unbearable, but the large accumulation of mucus that seems to get everywhere in the body. It’s in your nose, your throat, your chest, and it even feels like its building up inside your head, causing headaches that feel like migraines.

When you’re in this condition, you literally have to drag yourself to class to keep a good attendance record. It’s especially worse when it’s bright and early in the morning, because that’s when the mucus has had time to build up overnight. Of course, it can be taken care of after a visit to the doctor with medicine and antibiotics, but there are other options available that are not only cheaper, but much more satisfying in the tasty department.

The first recommendation is to put away all of your usual junk food meals. These won’t do you any good in breaking down the mucus. You’ll have to adapt to healthier opinions. Citrus fruits are a good way to start, but moderation is the key. It’s not smart to go off eating a whole bag of oranges, because then you’ll be dealing with a massive stomach ache with all of the privileges that gives you, notably consecutive trips to the bathroom.

If you’re into sweets, then you’ll be pleased to know that they play a big part in restoring your body back into its prime condition. Honey is the most popular, taken by the spoonful in tea or even straight up. Just keep that idea of moderation in mind. A little can go a long way.

Many may try cough drops, but depending on the brand, they sometimes leave a foul and dry aftertaste. I personally prefer mint candies, whether they’re peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen or cinnamon flavored. Something that’s worth taking a shot at is having a handful of wintergreen Lifesavers melted in water, like tea. Not only does it sooth the throat and freshens your breath, but it helps you go to sleep, if your sickness is affecting your sleep time.

For those who prefer a solid food intake, rather than eating soup, cooked chicken served with steamed vegetables makes a good meal that doesn’t make you feel like you’re eating “old people food.”

Lastly, it’s easy to just sleep off your sickness with a number of naps throughout the day, but if you keep up a good diet, it provides fuel to keep your body active and combined with activities like exercising, the healing process comes a lot quicker.

Mucus accumulation is rampant this time of the year, but with some food moderations and remedies, it can be as easy to bring down as it was to catch it.