Our top five Halloween party tunes

5. The Time Warp

You haven’t lived until you’ve done this famous dance at a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” audience participation screening, which are more common during the Halloween season. It’s the perfect dance song, because if you don’t know how to do it, the lyrics tell you exactly how to do it. 


4. Ghostbusters

This song is so engrained into our minds that everyone always responds with “Ghostbusters!” whenever they’re asked who they’re calling on the phone. A little known fact about this song is that Huey Lewis sued Ray Parker Jr., the writer and performer of the song, for this song sounding similar to his own song “I Wanna New Drug.” It’s interesting to notice the similarities between them when you know that fact. 


3. Thriller

This is the monster smash hit song that made Michael Jackson the King of Pop. What’s particularly memorable about it is the 13-minute long music video, directed by John Landis. The dance moves in the video are more complicated than they are for “The Time Wrap,” but with some practice, you can really be the King of the Dance Floor if you can get it down pat.


2. Werewolves of London

Who could forget Warren Zevon’s wolf howl? Combine that with a groovy beat and you’ve got a hit for all generations to enjoy. It’s also fun for the horror film buff like me, since the song’s title is taken from an old Universal Studios monster film and references the legendary actor Lon Chaney, although I’m sure Zevon is refereeing to Lon Chaney Jr., who played the title character in “The Wolf Man,” and not his father, who was “The Man of a Thousand Faces” during the silent film era that didn’t include a werewolf. 


1. Monster Mash

This is the Halloween song that I can’t live without. Performed by Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers, this classic has stood the test of time and exhibits all of the fun the holiday is about. My only question: what exactly is the Monster Mash? If you see me on the dance floor, let me know what you think it is. Regardless, it’s just fun to move to the beat of this fun track, especially when you see a guy in a Frankenstein’s monster and Dracula costumes nearby.