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An Alien’s Perspective: The Honeymoon Phase

Column February 4, 2013

The very first phase I went through after arriving in Wichita was the Honeymoon phase. Everything about this city that I would get used to seemed amazing at first.I arrived late at night due to heavy snow,...

Armed citizens are the only real defense against violent criminals

Column January 30, 2013

Gun control has been a hot topic lately as a result of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. Republicans and Democrats are fighting against each other over whether or not the government should...

An Alien’s Perspective: Arriving at Wichita State

Column January 28, 2013

I was a sixth grader when my brief obsession with extra-terrestrial life forms began. The idea of life beyond the confines of our planet was fascinating. On second thought, I am quite sure I was interested...

Illustration by Tarun Bali

New semester, new you

Columnist January 23, 2013

Whether today is your first day or second day on campus for class, you’re either filled with excitement of the prospects of what’s to come for the rest of the semester or you’re already longing to...

U.S. should follow Europe’s lead on gun control

Column January 23, 2013

It was Dec. 14 when Adam Lanza allegedly shot his mother, six teachers and 20 children before killing himself. When I heard about the shooting in Newtown, Conn., I could not believe it. Is it really possible...

No way it’s going to be Christmas without…

Columnist December 6, 2012

Sunday afternoon I went with a German family I know here in Wichita to a Christmas performance held in a church and organized by the community.  Kids were performing Mary and Joseph’s walk to Bethlehem...

Create a memorable holiday season with your significant other

Columnist December 6, 2012

This semester has been a nice change of pace for me compared to others. For the very first time, I’ve had a steady girlfriend during my college tenure. Although I never felt deprived by not having...

A profile of international students who cannot go home for Christmas

Column December 5, 2012

Christmas is a time that unites families. When I was child, I took for granted that my home would be decorated with snowmen, Santa Claus figures, angels and the most important accessory - the good-smelling...

Legalizing marijuana: a common feud in politics

Columnist December 5, 2012

Marijuana is probably something most of us have seen, heard about or even experimented with (I won’t tell). It’s the third most popular drug behind alcohol and tobacco and over 69 million Americans...

Women’s studies courses a great way to expand worldview

Columnist December 5, 2012

Take it from me, if you have an opening in your schedule next semester and don’t know what class to take, sign up for a class in women’s studies. When I was choosing classes for my first semester as...

Remembering troops this holiday season

Columnist December 5, 2012

As the semester ends, we travel home to our warm houses and TVs playing Christmas movies on repeat, and we brace ourselves for the ugly Christmas sweater parties and awkward family get-togethers. As exciting...

For scattered students: better organization is within reach

Column by Julia Fletcher December 3, 2012

Keeping track of everything can be a challenge; however, utilizing some simple organizational strategies can help keep you on top of your assignments. My system of organization is simple, but for me, it’s...

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