We disagree, and that is quite all right

I am not alone when I say that, in this day and age, viewpoints are hushed for not following the progressive way of thinking. Unfortunately, this epidemic plagues the Student Government of Wichita State University. Instead of accepting disagreement, members of the association make comments that they hope dissenters will have a change of heart. One member stated, in an article in The Sunflower: “Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, and I hope that those who voted against will take the time to reflect and see they can still get on board with this movement.” Yes, we are all entitled to our own opinions and to our own votes. It is not anyone’s place to ask for ideas to be adapt to the supposed majority. Why have a governing group, if only one particular opinion matters?

Isn’t it the difference of opinion that ultimately leads to the development of the best ideas? I ask each and every person reading this to research governments throughout history. Show me a government, made up of like-minded individuals who agree on every issue, that enacted positive change. I will save you the trouble of research and assure you that kind of government has never existed. Governments who dispel opposing arguments tend to legislate without purpose and ultimately lead to more trouble than good. This is not me saying that Student Government accomplishes nothing on campus, because we definitely do significant work. There are times, though, where viewpoints are not welcomed due to their substance; therefore, I challenge SGA to begin accepting and welcoming dissent.

Political and social movements do not define our humanity. All of us are people before politics; this means that you can and should respect those who disagree with you. Difference of opinion is a good thing; do not expect others to conform to an ideology, simply because you agree with it. Avoid actively persecuting and vilifying those who may not have similar thoughts as you and actually begin working with them. 

Paige E. Hungate