Linnabary: For the sake of our nation, Trump deserves a chance


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At 2 a.m. Wednesday morning I found myself stricken with fear. Not fear for my life, or any one else’s, but fear of how I could so tremendously miscalculate what America wants, what America thinks it needs.

Watching President-elect Donald Trump give his victory speech was one of the most profound, surreal experiences of my 22 years.

Trump isn’t the devil, but he’s not a good man. I’m not sure what he is. I’m also not sure what his true agenda is. The man is nothing if not a chameleon.

But he is going to be my president in 67 days.

Trump’s message was strong enough to rally the support of a large portion of the nation, a nation that is fed up with establishment politicians.

And so, as Wichita State prepares its own civil protest of the president-elect, I ask that Trump be given a chance.

I put no faith or trust into Trump the candidate.

I do put faith and trust into my nation and its president.

If this is who my nation has chosen to carry us into the future, I will wish no foul.

I pray Trump does the same. I pray my fellow Americans do the same.

Trump, to me, is oafish and abrasive — not attributes I look for in a president. He has offended many, and they are rightfully offended.

We must turn the other cheek, for now. As our president, we must have confidence, begrudgingly or not, in this man. If we do not, we have lost faith in America.

We are one nation, regardless of who we voted for. We are too strong and resilient to lose faith in one another.

Trump deserves a chance. He is not deserving because of anything he himself has said or done. He is deserving because our country has said he is.