Former professional player joins team as volunteer coach


Selena Favela

Codey McElroy is the volunteer assistant coach for Wichita State’s baseball team. This is his first season coaching at Wichita State.

Codey McElroy, a former professional baseball player, joins the Shockers’ coaching staff this season as a volunteer.

McElroy began playing baseball for Eastern Oklahoma State transferred to the University of Texas for his sophomore season and spent his junior year at Cameron University in Oklahoma. In 2014, the Atlanta Braves drafted him.

After a year and a half with the Braves, McElroy retired from baseball and became a walk-on player for the Oklahoma State University basketball team, using his senior year of eligibility.

This past fall, McElroy helped as a graduate assistant with the OSU baseball team.

“I had a blast there,” McElroy said. “I learned a ton from Coach [Josh] Holliday and Coach [Rob] Walton, and it was a great experience being around a program that just went to the World Series.”

This season, McElroy will be working with the infielders, helping with hitting and coaching first base for WSU.

“I’m up here all the time,” McElroy said. “During practice I take the infielders and do all that stuff. I work with Coach [Brian] Walker with the hitters and during the games I’ll be coaching first base.”

Shockers Head Coach Todd Butler said he had seen McElroy play in junior college and paid attention as McElroy moved between schools and turned pro.

“He’s a young guy that’s learning a lot from Coach [Mike] Steele and our coaching staff,” Butler said. “He’s excited and I’m glad he’s here.”

Butler said it was through a mutual friend that McElroy became a part of the WSU coaching staff.

“He was at Oklahoma State as a GA and had an opportunity through a friend that recommended him,” Butler said. “We were looking for someone to help us in the infield and he’s done a very good job so far.”

Junior shortstop Trey Vickers looks to McElroy’s experience as something adding to the quality of the team.

“He’s played at Texas, he played pro ball, so he’s definitely been around a lot of people that know what they’re talking about and he’s obviously taken it all in,” Vickers said. “I see it out here every day.”

Vickers is one of the players McElroy works with during practices.

“He’s been right there with me every day,” Vickers said. “Taking me out there and hitting me ground balls; always there whenever I need him. He’s been an awesome addition to the staff.”

McElroy said he sees himself in a position where he can learn and grow from his fellow coaches.

“Obviously, I’m the youngest guy on staff, so there’s still a lot for me to learn,” McElroy said. “Playing for Coach [Augie] Gariddo at Texas, and playing with the Braves, I’ve learned a lot and I’ve been able to help these kids.”