Beach: Wolverine’s swansong ‘Logan’ worth a watch


“Logan,” a Wolverine flick and the latest installment in the X-Men franchise, is a worthy trip to the theater this March.

It also marks Hugh Jackman’s final time portraying the clawed mutant. 

Here’s some story context: Wolverine is taking care of the ailing Professor X, played by Patrick Stewart, and must use his mutant abilities to deal with Professor X’s mishaps.

At the same, Wolverine is being targeted by villain Donald Pierce, played by Boyd Holbrook, but he isn’t quite sure why. 

That’s it for plot points. Let’s talk what this movie does well. 

First off, it’s no secret that comic book and superhero films are one of the biggest money makers in today’s movie landscape.

I’ve never been a huge fan of superhero movies due to the predictable plot lines and uninteresting scripts, but I had real anticipation going into “Logan” because of its R rating and effort to make an exciting action drama and not just a prototypical comic book flick.

It isn’t perfect. There were definitely points where it was a tad boring but when it picked up excitement, it executed well.

Another huge plus in this film is the acting of Hugh Jackman. He’s one of the better actors working today and is pretty reliable to help carry a film. He goes out with a bang in his final appearance as Wolverine on screen.

Patrick Stewart also does a great job as Professor X. Scenes focused on him are the highlights of the screenplay. He has a fair share of funny lines and kept my interest when there wasn’t as much action going on.

There are still some comic book stereotypes and dull moments, but overall this movie flourishes as a drama. It even has a bit of a western feel with the Texas and Oklahoma setting during the chase scenes.

The action is exciting and director James Mangold added a lot of it. Most superhero movies go with the PG-13 rating in attempt to make as much money as possible but certain films like “Logan” and “Deadpool” have transitioned to R to appeal to a different group of fans.

The R rating is warranted without a doubt. This film is a bloody, gruesome ride from start to finish. It’s a little long and some of the runtime definitely could have been cut but the final act does the movie justice and finishes strong.

Led by a dominating Hugh Jackman performance, “Logan” will appeal to general movie fans as well as hardcore comic book fans. Go check this one out at the theater. It’s worth a watch this March.

Final grade: B