Vote, damn it!


Brian Hayes

Ricky Oshakuade, vice presidential candidate and presidential candidate Tracia Banuelos answers questions from the audience at the SGA presidential debate in the CAC theater.

About 12 percent of Wichita State students voted in the last Student Government Association elections.

That means nearly 1,700 of the 2016 enrollment figure of 13,519 voted last year.

Some SGA representatives criticize university administration, decisions about how money might or might not be spent, and doubt they are being listened to as much as they ought to be.

That’s where you come in.

An increase in student votes in the SGA election today through Wednesday can, and should, increase the association’s clout regarding decision-making at the university.

I wonder if more students voted would the administration pay more attention to the students because they have demonstrated greater interest in the association’s representation.

The Kansas Board of Regents might pay more attention to students when more students vote, too.

A university, where learning and creativity flows like a democracy, works best when it is a collection of ideas. The more participation in that mental exercise results in a richer, better, stronger university. The less participation results in decisions made in a vacuum and make for a weaker, inferior university.