Beach: ‘Life’ shouldn’t be viewed by the squeamish

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson, “Life” isn’t your typical horror film. “Life” has enough horror elements to make anyone grimace and cringe — it shouldn’t be viewed by anyone squeamish.

Looking for life beyond earth, this science fiction thriller takes place on a spaceship. Gyllenhaal’s character is approaching the record for most consecutive days spent in space. His character, the lead, is a standout despite poor writing. Aside from Gyllenhall and Ferguson, the characters aren’t too interesting.

A space movie shot all in one central location can be a bit boring at times, but somehow the movie delivers a claustrophobic feel that grows in suspense as the movie progresses. The characters aren’t enough to save the low points, and the writing doesn’t add in any decent one-liners to help guide the story.

Gyllenhaal, who I consider one of the best actors working today, is always fun to watch, and it’s a shame the writing wasn’t more interesting for an A-list actor. Ferguson’s addition was a nice touch. Together they make “Life” not totally memorable, but far from forgettable.

The suspense alone is enough to keep you interested throughout the runtime. Beyond the surface, there really isn’t much there. The cinematographer fails to create interesting shots, but considering the confined space, he moved the camera well. The suspenseful sounds are enough to pull you to the edge of your seat.

See “Life” if you want to break through the year of reboots and sequels with something entirely original. Just don’t consider it to be the best movie you’ve ever seen.

Final Grade: B-