Breaking down guilty pleasures


Everyone has that one T.V. show that they love to watch but aren’t too fond of telling anyone about. If someone finds out they watch said program, people are prone to respond in one of two ways. They either deny it, or they call it their “guilty pleasure.”

A guilty pleasure can be anything you enjoy doing but would rather not have too many people find out about. However, it is most commonly associated with television.

Some of the biggest shows that people identify as their guilty pleasure include “Gossip Girl”, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, and even WWE wrestling.

Some WSU students though, like sophomore Jacob Brown, have guilty pleasures that not many people even know about.

“My guilty pleasure is a show called ‘The Inbetweeners,” Brown said. “It’s a British show and is the perfect representation of the group who doesn’t really have a group in high school.”

Some shows are unbearably bad. For people who make them their guilty pleasures, however, they’re so bad that they’re good.

Freshman Riley Harter said that doesn’t necessarily mean people should be embarrassed to admit to watching their guilty pleasures.

“If it’s something legitimately wrong, then people should probably be embarrassed,” Harter said. “But if it’s something like they just watch too much Netflix, then that is okay.”

The fact of the matter is there is absolutely no reason to judge someone based on something they may consider their “guilty pleasure.” In a world where the life choices of specific people are definitely more than questionable, who are we to judge someone on something that they find entertainment out of.

If it is something legitimately wrong, then maybe that’s a time to raise an eyebrow at how they choose to spend their free time. But otherwise, putting someone down because they are forced to call something they enjoy watching a “guilty pleasure” is downright disrespectful, both to the people who watch it, as well as the people who created the program.

But regardless, we all have something that we enjoy watching on television. Rather than berating others for what they watch, we should take this opportunity to connect with each other.