Chipotle’s queso is worth the price, but not the complaints


Joseph Barringhaus

Chipotle unvails their new queso at all of their stores.

For years now, Chipotle has been one of the most popular Mexican grills in the country. And now with Freebirds closing its Wichita locations, Chipotle has cemented itself at the top of the “food chain.”

However, in its time at the top, Chipotle has always lacked something that all other Mexican grills have had: queso. Normally, you could get inclusions such as salsa, guacamole, or sour cream — but no queso.

But now, that time is over, as Chipotle introduced queso to their menu. The introduction was welcomed with a mixed response.

While many are excited, some view the long-awaited queso as a letdown. These complaints hold some weight, as it did take this long for Chipotle to finally offer queso. Not only that, but there is not much that sets Chipotle’s product apart from other quesos, other than the slight kick given to it by the jalapenos.

That isn’t to say the queso is bad. In fact, it added a bit of flavor to the burrito. It also tasted very good as a side with tortilla chips.

One argument that can be made against the queso is that it costs way more than it should. In fact, it cost an extra $1.25 to put on a burrito, and $3.35 to combine with tortilla chips. However, going to Chipotle already means that a pretty penny is going to be spent, so adding the queso to a meal won’t affect the price too much.

It’s likely that the complaints will simmer down after a while.