Kill Vargas headlines free show at Crown Uptown Theatre

Four bands will hit the stage for a free show 6 p.m. Saturday at the Crown Uptown Theatre. The lineup consists of Salt Creek (from Nebraska), Cavves, and Tideway, with Kill Vargas headlining.

“We were a band for like, four years, and didn’t play any shows,” Kill Vargas drummer Logan Bush said. “We just liked to play music together. I never even thought about playing shows when we were young because we were just doing it for fun.”

Around 2013, Kill Vargas started playing local shows and opening for bands touring in Wichita. Logan said the band quickly gained confidence in their abilities.

Kill Vargas does not rely on covers, as singer and guitarist Griffin Bush writes the band’s songs.

“I write everything, and then I just have it all how I want it in my head,” Griffin Bush said.

“We’ll just keep messing with it until, if it lasts long enough, we’ll then record it. The process basically starts with me and then keeps going, but there’s a lot of stuff that we’ve played and then never recorded or done again.”

Since 2013, Kill Vargas has released one EP, one full-length album, and a split release cassette with the band Tideway. Logan Bush said the band plans to release another full-length album next year.

“Every band is releasing new music at the show on Saturday,” Logan Bush said. “Ours is the split with Tideway, and The Cavves are releasing their own album as well.”

Trent Gaddie, Tideway singer and guitarist, said his band was inspired to form by watching Kill Vargas.

“We always saw the things they got to do, and it looked fun, so we decided we wanted to start a band.”

Though Tideway is new to the Wichita scene, they have toured around the Midwest region. Their first major show came when they opened for Kill Vargas at the Gallery Alley show.

“Being in the Wichita scene is great because everyone seems to want to help everyone else make it big,” Gaddie said. “We’re not competitive, we just all like making music for the fun of it, and the scene here is really great at supporting the other bands.”

Gaddie and the Bush brothers agreed Saturday’s show will be a blast.

“I can’t wait for the show,” Gaddie said. “It’s going to be so much fun, and I know we all have big things planned for the night.”