Hayes: 600 nickels — The saga continues


Brian Hayes

598 nickels and 2 Canadian nickels used to pay for a parking ticket.

All charges against me and my 600 nickels have been dropped.

This is far from a victory lap.

I attribute this victory to all of support from local media and supporters from around the country. Thank you all for your support. It means a lot to me throughout this absurd ordeal.

I may have won, but the battle is far from over. Parking is still garbage.

Parking tickets are still being doled out in the parking garage, thanks to confusing new rules that apply exclusively to the parking garage.

What can we do? Start the revolution. Reject their rules. Okay, that might be too extreme.

Parking on campus is an inconvenient, expensive and often unsafe.

My paying with coins was an act of protest — defeated protest. They’ve taken my money by the thousands.

My $30 in nickels and then subsequent $100 for a parking pass and additional parking ticket was a straw too far.

Wichita State has lined their pockets with our money from parking. I decided to weigh down their pockets with some change.

We all suffer perceived injustices in your life. Mine was parking.

I tried to right that injustice in a lighthearted way. I encourage all of you to fight injustices.

Create real change.