Farewell from Campbell: So long, my friends


“Each and every story I have written has led me to be not only a better writer, but a more well-rounded person.” –Marissa Campbell

When I first started at WSU, I didn’t know if I wanted to be an involved student like I was in high school, or just go to classes and work. At the end of my freshman year, I realized I wanted more. I wanted to be a part of something.

Being a journalism major, I thought, What better way to get involved than check out the campus newspaper? I marched down the stairs to the basement of Elliott Hall where The Sunflower resides, picked up an application and hoped for the best. Little did I know at that very moment, my life would be impacted and changed so greatly.

For the last three years, I have covered everything from album reviews, art events, feature stories, guns on campus, deaths of students and more. Each and every story I have written has led me to be not only a better writer, but a more well-rounded person. I’ve interviewed people who were laughing; I’ve interviewed people that were sobbing and everything in between. Every story I have written has become a part of me that I could never forget.

Not only have The Sunflower and the Elliott School made me a better reporter, but they have given me valuable friendships with the most astounding co-workers I have ever had. Without The Sunflower, I wouldn’t have met my best friend, Jessica Green. Without The Sunflower, I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of being mentored by the incredible Amy DeVault.

The Sunflower has given me opportunities I would not have otherwise had. From a journalism conference in Tennessee and another in D.C., the memories are endless.

These moments and memories include rooming with a stranger in Tennessee who ended up becoming my best friend. Meeting Jenna Farhat for the first time to let her know she overuses ellipses, to seeing her become a phenomenal writer and managing editor. Getting to know Brian Hayes and Matt Crow, who might just be the funniest humans alive. Laughing my ass off with Selena Favela, Madeline Deabler and Kylie Cameron. Watching Evan Pflugradt and Andrew Linnabary chase a squirrel around D.C. Laughing at Chance Swaim’s witty comments and being in awe of his spectacular investigative reporting.

I’m beyond thankful for the opportunities, the memories and the journey The Sunflower has given me. Saying goodbye is hard, but I know adventure awaits.

So long, my friends.