Opinion Line Aug. 30


Here are this week’s Opinion Line submissions. Submit anonymous opinions — 40 words or less — via the Opinion Line tab on thesunflower.com homepage, or email them to [email protected].


“WSU cares only about bringing down the Greek community, and sheds light on NONE of the positive things Greek life accomplishes. The Greek community deserves so much more than what they get. Be better, WSU.”


“Sex is great, but have you tried Wuber?”


“Only the government can censor, or be sued for censoring. Is that why the elites want to own The Sunflower — to shut them up? They’re buying everything else in town.”


“We need more opportunities for people from different colleges to intertwine and get to know each other better. This will widen someone’s view on an area of study, potentially changing their life.”


“The term war hero is an oxymoron. John McCain killed innocent children and sang about bombing Iran.”


“I owe a great debt to the RSC’s microwave.”