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Remembering Prince’s legacy; Beyoncé stirs up mystery in ‘Lemonade’

This past week ended up as a wild one for the world of music for many reasons. Beyoncé made another secret album with the a one-hour premiere event broadcast on HBO last Saturday. Along with the highly anticipated album was the unexpected death of pop star Prince. Within just a three day span, the music industry was sure in a frenzy. 

“Lemonade” by Beyoncé

Released: April 23

Genre: Pop/Hip-Hop

In a documentary-style video, Beyoncé released her sixth studio album “Lemonade” in a hush-hush way, just as she did with her self-titled album in 2014. After her Super Bowl appearance this year with her new song “Formation,” members of the Beyhive have eagerly anticipated a new album. 

The performance also caused controversy, as themes of “Black Lives Matters” and other racial issues seemed to be prevalent in the performance and the music video. 

“Hold Up” focuses predominately on Beyoncé’s vocals with minimal instrumentals and seems to be hinting at signs of infedility within her marriage to Jay Z (“Sorry” also suggests the same topic). 

When watching the documentary, though, viewers can see that “Lemonade” is about so much more than their relationship and its woes. With the heavy presence of black females throughout the film, it’s easy to tell that Beyoncé is trying to take a stand for black women everywhere and that she wants to lead the movement. 

“Lemonade” shows empowerment, feminism, the struggles of love and so much more in just one hour and 12 songs.

Download: “Hold Up”

“Purple Rain” by Prince

Released: June 25, 1984

Genre: Pop

Usually Throwback Thursday provides us with a fun, exciting flashback from the current month. Unfortunately, instead of honoring this pop star in his rightful month, the Prince’s has called for a tribute to his memory. As someone who has provided so much to the music industry by writing for other artists, being an inspiration to different musicians and let alone knowing how to play more than 20 instruments, it was easy to tell that Prince’s greatest passion in life was music. 

“Purple Rain” is easily Prince’s most popular album, and one of his greatest hit songs, with a slow R&B groove. “Let’s Go Crazy” is an exciting upbeat jam that shows off Prince’s wild, eclectic personality and stage persona. 

Between his energy and crazy outfits, Prince put on energetic shows that never let the audience stop dancing and singing along to his music. “White Dove” is the persona of ‘80s rock with an ever-present theme of extreme electronic sounds. 

Although “Purple Rain” was his most popular record, Prince had many other hits including “Little Red Corvette” and “I Would Die 4 U.” Through his 57 years, Prince served as an inspiration to fans and musicians alike and will truly be missed in the music world. 

“Hope” by The Strumbellas

Released: April 22

Genre: Indie

With a sound similar to Mumford & Sons and The Avett Brothers, The Strumbellas are not new to the indie scene, but have come to the forefront with their latest single “Spirits.” Although their indie sound is the base for their music, The Strumbellas are able to bring a rock vibe to some of the songs like “We Don’t Know” in order to steer away from the ever-present country sound. Between banjo, violin, tambourines and cellos, the band has created an extremely large sound that will be at the forefront of many festivals this summer. “Young & Wild,” probably the most upbeat track on the album, is a fun, danceable tune sure to be the anthem to your summer. The entire album is a hit and the group should definitely make their way onto your summer playlist.

Download: “Young & Wild”