Senior Cesaria Ambrosio chases pro dream


Selena Favela

Wichita State Cesaria Ambrosio moves down the court past Tulane defenders.

Cesaria “Cez” Ambrosio has been in Wichita for four years, and has caught onto the lifelong problem for many Wichitans — there’s not much to do here.

“Basically, I just go to school, practice, and go home,” Ambrosio said. “There’s not a lot to do . . . but the people are very kind.”

Ambrosio is a sports management senior in her second year as a guard on the WSU women’s basketball team. Even when she was a kid growing up in Switzerland, her home country, she was bored. And boredom put her on her current trajectory.

“I used to be at home after coming back from school and not doing anything,” Ambrosio said.

Her big brother started playing basketball when she was still in grade school, so Ambrosio decided to play too.

“One day, I said, ‘Let me just come with you,’ and I started playing,” Ambrosio said. “And since then, I’ve liked playing basketball.”

The end goal of her basketball trajectory? Going pro.

Her biggest obstacle stopping that? Her back.

“I had a bone fracture in my lower back,” Ambrosio said. “It’s been bothering me for like four years now. And first day of practice, bam.”

Ambrosio has been in rehab since. She missed the first game of this season, and may miss more.

But even with a fractured back, Ambrosio is confident about her future in basketball.

“I would like to go pro, and hopefully, if God wants it, I will go pro.”

She’s also confident in this year’s squad, even though the team is chock-full of freshman and ranked 10 of 12 in the AAC.

“Everyone can bring something to the team,” Ambrosio said. “And the energy — I like the energy. I think we can do good this year.

“Being ranked number 10, we’re going to use that as motivation. People don’t expect us to do good. But we’re going to just go out there, play ball, and show them we’re a good team.”

Quick Q&A

Favorite movie?

“The Invisible Guest.”

Favorite musician or artist?

Chris Brown.

Favorite book?
I don’t read. I don’t like to.

Favorite food (American)?

I like Chick-fil-A. I love Chick-fil-A. The classic chicken sandwich.

Favorite food (Switzerland)?

Good question. I don’t know, it’s more healthy, so I like everything.