Marissa’s Melodies: No jokes for April Fool’s in the music world

April Fool’s Day was laden with a wide variety of new rock and alternative albums. From Weezer’s “White Album” to the Summer Set and Lukas Graham, there is a mixture of pop-rock out there for everyone this week.  

“White Album” by Weezer

Released: April 1

Genre: Alternative

After making a comeback in 2014 with “Everything Will Be Alright in the End,” fans weren’t sure if that was Weezer’s last hoo-rah or if that was an official reboot to the band. As it has remained heavily in the forefront of the alt-scene, though, the band is here to stay, for a while, anyway. Starting the album strong with “California Kids,” lead singer Rivers Cuomo takes us back to 2001’s “Green Album” and reminisces on “Island in the Sun.” From the single “Thank God for Girls,” that leads into “(Girl We Got A) Good Thing” the band keeps the music true to their ’90s vibe, which made them a hit. The “White Album” definitely takes them far, especially during the summer tour, and fans of the band (old and new) are sure to be jamming all summer long.

Download: “California Kids”

“Stories for Monday” by The Summer Set

Released: April 1

Genre: Alt-pop

Although they are not necessarily pop-punk, the Warped Tour veterans made a name for themselves within that scene, even as their single “Figure Me Out” describes how they aren’t sure where they belong. As The Summer Set continues to find their place in the alternative scene, their extremely pop-dance sound (“Change Your Mind”) deserves to get them a spot on Top 40 radio stations as they will blend right in amongst the rest of the Katy Perry and Justin Bieber hits. The downfall of The Summer Set comes from the fact that their songs are just simple pop hits — fun, yet forgettable. If their music had more sustenance, they may find themselves able to compete in the alt-pop world, but for now, they just haven’t made it yet.

Download: “Figure Me Out”

“Lukas Graham” by Lukas Graham

Released: April 1

Genre: Pop

In his first album, Lukas Graham managed to create two hit singles and end up on radio stations across the country. The radio hit “7 Years” will easily pull at your heart as everyone can relate to the idea of growing old. Although Graham technically falls within the pop category, his occasional rapping and unusual instrumentals add many other genres to his table, like in “Mama Said.” “Drunk in the Morning” gives an almost blues groove, which is probably the most eclectic song on the album. The stylistics used throughout his first album gives Graham many opportunities for his future work, as he will be capable of taking his sound in many different directions. 

Download: “Mama Said”