Why I love my Apple iPhone

In the technologically advanced and obsessive world we live in, there are many choices of devices to buy from various companies. Apple is one option and arguably the biggest and most successful of them all. 

I had a flip phone for a long time, and when I finally joined the rest of the world some time later, I joined the Android team. 

It was fun. I liked that it was customizable and I adored the swipe text feature. My android felt unique and perfectly accustomed and attuned to me and my wants and needs; it was one-of-a-kind. I could customize it and tweak it in so many ways that reflected my likes and personality, and as a horrendous typer, I loved the ease of being able to swipe and have less autocorrect fails.

Then my boyfriend and sister convinced me to switch to Apple, and I am never going back, despite the two really amazing things I mentioned above that, unfortunately, Apple lacks. 

Yet what it lacks, it makes up for with the rest of these things.    

Apple’s hardware and software are made for each other, versus android phones are made for any phone that can support its platform. For instance, Apple’s camera has a flash that can vary its tone of light to over 1,000 different shades depending on the  settings, and then has the software to control the camera and the flash to optimize that feature, while Android does not have that type of flash (from my experience).

Apple also has a thumbprint reader that works smoothly and seamlessly across all its apps, doubly providing top-notch security. Android’s passcode or puzzles, on the other hand, are less secure. Thumbprints are hard to duplicate, a series of numbers are not as much.

Apple also has greater connectivity over all of its devices. For example, when you put in an entry in your calendar, it also syncs to your Apple laptop, TV, iPad, etc. It’s a clean, seamless feature that is hassle-free. 

I also love being able to text over Wi-Fi. My boyfriend, on school breaks, goes back home to California and lives in the middle of the woods in Napa, where cell service ceases to exist. Yet, he does have Internet, and thus, when he goes back to his forest home, I can always keep in touch with him. FaceTime is also one of the company best and most successful features, which also come in handy for my beau and me in those long-distance periods. 

The one problem aspect I’ve had with my Apple (which is a 6) is (along with among many other people) the software updates. 

But it’s worth it. The phone is also, simply, just a gorgeous beaut of a phone.