May: Out of business — top 5 things we could use a new business school building for


With the Shock the Future referendum vote coming up next week, the topic on everyone’s mind is, obviously, Woolsey Hall, the new Barton School of Business building. As such, The Sunflower has decided to compile a list of the Top-5 (non-educational) potential uses for the new building, which university officials maintain will be beneficial to all students.

Dishonorable Mention: Business Classes

Obviously, business students think they are drawing the long straw on the new building. We engineering students must send a strong message by completely taking over the back half of campus. If they really want a new building, they can have the Engineering Building. Beware, however, that there are no women’s restrooms on the second floor.

5. A Sunflower Office

Have you ever been to The Sunflower’s office? The setting seems less representative of a newspaper and more so of a storage room. Shoved into the basement of Elliott Hall, we are all but cut off from the outside world, with no cell signal whatsoever — which is, you know, not a great thing for a newspaper.

4. A Full-Sized College Football Field

Hear me out. On Saturday mornings, all of the desks are moved to storage, the walls are torn down, and the ceilings are retracted much like an NFL dome. Fully immersed in the sounds of the crowd in what would be one of only four indoor stadiums in the FBS, the WSU President’s Executive Football Team roars onto the field. Not one person could say that it wouldn’t be interesting — at least for a short period.

3. The Wink Hartman Awe School

In an effort to compete with the Koch family-funded Wonder School, Wink Hartman could hold High School courses in the newly built building. In fact, the Wonder School could feed directly into it, keeping students on campus from kindergarten through their doctorate.

2. A Parking Garage

I don’t mean a metered garage like the one by the RSC. We need a multi-level garage built into the building to allow for students to drive directly to the doors of their classrooms. Green permit parking with the added convenience of avoiding a 10-minute walk.

1. A Taco Bell Express

When I was told that the Taco Bell Express that many of us had come to love — or at least rely on to get through the day — was going to be replaced following the 2016-17 school year, I was obviously distraught. If a Taco Bell of any sort will be included in the new building, you can bet your ass that I’ll be first in line.