May: Top 5 ways to spend the final week of classes before spring break


Damn. Six weeks down, and one to go. Five more days until the huge time investment that we all threw down in January finally begins to pay dividends in the form of a single week off. There is still one more week, however, and The Sunflower is here to help you navigate the fine line that divides failure from success at this critical point in the semester.

Dishonorable Mention: Skip all of your classes and take an extra week off

Really? You’ve made it through six weeks nonstop, and you can make it through one more. Quit your whining and pick up your pen. You can count down the hours, but don’t give up. Believe in yourself — at least for one more week.

5. Cram for your tests that you undoubtedly have this week

I have been personally going through the five stages of grief in regards to tests this week, but there comes a time when we all have to just jump ahead to acceptance. No matter how little you want to take them, they’re simply not going to go away. Suck it up, pick up a book, and spend the night in the 24-hour study room if you need to, but definitely don’t just blow them off.

4. Read from one of your textbooks

You know those super expensive things that you’re using to prop open your door? Believe it or not, they actually serve a purpose. Crack that bad boy open, and you might just learn something. Worst case scenario, you can at least justify the $300 door stop to yourself.

3. Set yourself up for success after break

With a full week off of school coming up, and many of us mentally checking out as we count the seconds, it’s important to realize that the semester is far from over. Don’t make academic decisions that you’ll regret in a couple of weeks. Even better, do as many assignments as you can that are due after break. Future you will thank you.

2. Don’t put things off until the end of the week

Have an assignment due on Friday afternoon? Don’t put it off until then. Do future you a favor and do anything that you can early on in the week, and you’ll be able to start to ramp into spring break mode on Thursday and Friday.

1. Don’t give up

You’ve made it so far. With the finish line — or at least the midpoint — in sight, you can push through this final week before you can go into full rest mode. Keep the pedal to the metal and grind through. Just five more days.